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New bioactive rosigenin analogues and aromatic polyketide metabolites from the freshwater aquatic fungus Massarina tunicata.
The class Larvacea is the most specialized in the subphylum Urochordata, or Tunicata, and contains some 70 species.
Bacteria isolated from only a few lobsters were related to Shewanella frigidimarina, Alteromonas arctica, Vibrio lentus, Shewanella fidelia, Pseudoalteromonas tunicata and Vibrio spp.
On occasion, we also observed conspicuous melanin-pigmented colonies belonging to Pseudoalteromonas tunicata.
Similarly, the shell of the limpet Siphonaria gigas is wider when living in more wave exposed rocky beaches (Giraldo-Lopez & Gomez-Schouben 1999), and the size of the chiton Katharina tunicata from northern California may be smaller in areas with stronger wave action (Stebbins 1988).