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a member of the Tungus speaking people of Mongolian race who are a nomadic people widely spread over eastern Siberia


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the Tungusic language of the Evenki in eastern Siberia

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Jochelson, Waldemar (1926) The Yukaghir and Yukaghirized Tungus.
Shirokogoroff, S[ergei] M[ikhailovich] (1944/53) A Tungus Dictionary.
This schema locates the Thai, Mongol Tungus, North Turkic and South Chinese populations more or less where those populations are today.
The central part of this continental bloc was occupied by the extensive intracratonic Tungus basin (Markov 1970; Kanygin et al.
The K-bentonite beds from the Baksian Regional Stage (Katian) of the southwestern part of the Tungus basin in Siberia are clearly derived from the alteration of volcanic ash falls.
Having in mind that the Siberian palaeocontinent was located in a low-latitude tropical area during the entire Ordovician (Cocks & Torsvik 2007), the presence of the last-mentioned acritarch in the assemblage from the Dolborian Regional Stage confirms in addition to lithological evidences (Dronov 2013) that cool-water currents penetrated in the Upper Ordovician into the epicontinental Tungus basin of the Siberian Platform.
The presence of taxa indicative of cool-water settings and typical of high-latitude Peri-Gondwana seas could be regarded as an additional independent evidence for cool-water conditions in the Upper Ordovician of the Tungus basin.
A Siberian Tungus shaman, for instance, told how his shaman ancestors initiated him: 'They pierced him with arrows until he lost consciousness and fell to the ground; they cut off his flesh, tore out his bones and counted them; if one had been missing, he could not have become a shaman' (Eliade 1972: 43).
The 3ps occurs in the determinative meaning also in the Turkic and Tungus languages.
In short, our former Soviet colleagues who edited the great Cincius comparative dictionary knew very well what they were doing when in documenting a number of their Tungus etymological citations involving Chin.
fafun 'law, decree, prohibition', while at the same time indications of an earlier but related (if not identical) borrowing into common Tungus are provided by forms such as Oroc.
das 'ten' and Tungus origin of Mator [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.
Since Peter Simon Pallas' eighteenth-century Vocabularia comparativa and Matthias Alexander Castren's nineteenth-century Tungus grammar, many important studies have been written, mostly in Russian, partly in German and English, by devoted scholars like Shirokogoroff, Titov, Vasilevich, Poppe, Cincius, Konstantinova, Sunik, Myreeva, Romanova, and others on Tungus language and lore.
20% are classified as good Finno-Ugric/Uralic etymologies, but they have good correspondences also in non-Uralic languages, mainly Turkic, Mongolian, Tungus, Yukaghir, and, more rarely, in Indo-European languages (U +).
Greenberg proposes the Tungusic Tungus "destinative", e.