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Many health systems have created financial models based upon mapping to anticipate impacts in commercial and CMS Medicare through various testing initiatives in the past two to three years," Tunga says.
Repetitive sequences in the ITS1 region of the ribosomal DNA of Tunga penetrans and other flea species (Insecta: Siphonaptera).
A minority of these genera live in close association with humans (synanthropic), including fleas of these species: Pulex irritans, Ctenocephalides felis, Ctenocephalides canis, Xenopsylla cheopis, Nosopsyllus fasciatus, Echidnophaga gallinacea, and Tunga penetrans (1).
The study area is located in Nasarawa state, north-central Nigeria, covering Wamba, Nasarawa Eggon, Garko, Shabu, Adogi, Assakio, Tunga, Utani, Panda, Nakere, Ninkade, Angwa Madaki, Lange, Arikya, Kumuru, Zamatak and Monkwar.
Maya Amera Tunga, and the Deputy Country Director of the UN World Food Program Mageed Yahia.
The Arrow Boy regional leaders, Alison Tunga promised to protect his people against future by the LRA.
25) The "fast-flowing Bhadru" may refer to the Bhadra river, which originates in the Western Ghats and flows eastwards through the present day state of Karnataka until it joins the Tunga river at Koodli, near Shivamogga, and continues on as the Tungabhadra, a major tributary of the Krishna river.
Moving forward TINE also said: "During the period 2010-2012 investments will be made in a new refrigeration plant and load-bearing system at the Tunga dairy outside Trondheim.
This is common in the tropics (endemic in Central and South America, the Caribbean, tropical Africa, India and Pakistan), and is caused by the wingless flea Tunga penetrans.
Tungiasis, a neglected ectoparasitic disease, arises when the female jigger flea, Tunga penetrans, burrows into the epidermis of its host.
Cavusgil, Tamer S, Tunga Kiyak & Sengun Yeniyurt (2004).
The settlements found within the study area are Gwagwalada town, Kutunku, Dobi, Tunga Gayan, Gwako, Dukwa, Dagiri and Paso, Ibwo, Wumi, Zuba, Tunga Maje, Giyabiri, Kwaita, Gurfata, Ashara, Ledi, Giri, Kaida, Kuturu and few others.
Ovakainhu vamwe okwa li va teelela oku ke lihonga shihapu kombinga yanghee taku kelelwa oHIV navamwe okwa li va teelela oku ka tunga po omakwatafano navakwao.
toss 'Schwule'), tunga 'Eisstau > das Eisgedrange beim Abfliessen des Eises', tung aties 'mit Eis verstopft sein > sich drangen, sich ansammeln, anstauen (Eis)' (< est.