tuition fee

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a fee paid for instruction (especially for higher education)

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1 (ANI): England is likely to become the most expensive place in the world to take a degree under plans to increase student tuition fees, according to research.
No, I never said I find tuition fees to be reasonable.
RA 6139 only defines the regulatory regime for tuition fee increases in private educational institutions, leaving public educational institutions unregulated," Yap said.
He added: "Some institutions have made it clear that Welshdomiciled students will not qualify for certain financial support because the Welsh Government is providing the tuition fee grant.
BEIRUT: Private schools will wait for Parliament to approve a teachers' salary hike before raising tuition fees, the General Secretariat of the Catholic Schools association said Tuesday.
Parents are not satisfied with schools as their managements have been demanding for monthly tuition fees in advance and for the payment of tuition and other fees under the new and upward revised tariff, Khalid Iqbal, father of a student said.
If you are a full-time student studying on your first higher education course, you can get a government loan for your tuition fees.
A COLLEGE boss moved to alleviate the fears of would-be students concerned over rising tuition fees.
Cambridge University's governing body has voted in favour of a Au9,000 tuition fee, the university said today.
WALES' student leader has called on politicians to take responsibility for their actions after they approved plans to treble tuition fees.
STUDENTS would begin to turn their backs on university if tuition fees were raised to pounds 7,000, a report suggested today.
In the unfortunate event of a claim, the payout is made in accordance to the child's existing tuition fee in any GEMS or Non-GEMS school across the globe," he said.
As per this package first 30 students of this college who have obtained grade A plus marks in matric examination will be entitled to cash payment of Rs 7000 and remission of full tuition fee.
AREPORT warning Wales' controversial tuition fee policy will cost PS156m more than expected has been branded "deeply embarrassing" for the Welsh Government.