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bah, refuse, middle digit gesture, truthless, vacuous, Hoover-headed [pun], absurd, backwardized, feces theses muck mess, pop poop, turd salad, caca bread, daft, dumb, silly, dodo-oid, idiotic dolt fare, empty upstairs, mad, crazy, sow's ear, pig's arse, if pigs could fly, right-just the opposite, surely you jest, I believe you but I differ from the vast majority, go fly a kite, Fibber without Molly, you lie stupid, devoid of veracity, eh?
A focus on appearance as if it owns greater value than reality allows the perception to trump the issue, allowing truthless fantasy to take over.
Hannah Byron's truthless accusation of rape has not only wasted police time and money but has no doubt caused distress to entirely innocent people.
It was the singular illumination of my sullen youth, the only unyielding source beyond the truthless, confabulated tales of parochial school.