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(law) government activities seeking to dissolve corporate trusts and monopolies (especially under the United States antitrust laws)

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Monti earned a fearless reputation as a trust-busting bureaucrat in Brussels, taking on US corporate giants Microsoft and General Electric and is seen as a possible head of a national unity government.
Long the champion of drivers in their futile fight against rising gasoline prices, RussiaOs Federal Anti-Monopoly Service is now shifting its trust-busting gaze to the price of something even more vital to the countryOs oil-fueled culture of materialism [ETH] the iPhone 4.
Gould's study disappoints in its coverage of Taft's enthusiastic trust-busting, which seems both out of character and in conflict with his economic conservatism, and it ignores his role in the momentous passage of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Amendments (enabling the income tax and the direct election of senators, respectively).
A crisis is a people-stopping, show-stopping, product-stopping, reputation-defining, trust-busting event that creates victims and explosive visibility.
In fixing the financial crisis, Obama could use a little less of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's affection for economic giantism, and a little more of Theodore Roosevelt's zeal for trust-busting.
It was also the time of Teddy Roosevelt's trust-busting activities.
You have to go all the way back to the trust-busting Teddy Roosevelt to find a GOP candidate willing to break some political china in the name of reform.
Haskell and as a former music critic for the 'Kansas City Star', author and editor Harry Haskell brings a very special expertise to "Boss-Busters & Sin Hounds: Kansas City And Its Star", his history of the rise and decline of the crusading, trust-busting American newspaper, the 'Kansas City Star'.
Beschloss also details Andrew Jackson's battle with the Second Bank, Teddy Roosevelt's trust-busting crusade, FDR's advocacy of a draft before the 1940 election, and Harry Truman's support of the creation of Israel in 1948.
Somehow, such previous enthusiasms as trust-busting, subsidized farm prices, nationalized railroads, a progressive income tax, a government-run telephone and telegraph system, and a refusal to play European games of imperialism had vanished into the oratorical mists.
President Theodore Roosevelt named Oliver Wendell Holmes in 1902, and the next year Holmes dissented in Roosevelt's first trust-busting case.
Early trust-busting and antimonopoly forces helped blunt rail baron influence.
It was the trust-busting President Theodore Roosevelt's ally Gifford Pinchot who remarked that `nothing permanent can be accomplished in this country unless it is backed by sound public sentiment'.
s feats of statesmanship, be they trust-busting, mediating domestic labor confrontations, or resolving clashes among nations, are so firmly, deeply and thickly rooted in detailing events as they unfold that he never steps back to provide a broader sense of the larger historical forces that are shaping and constraining these important events.
David Sanger's meditation on the trust-busting efforts of Theodore Roosevelt and its parallels with today's business troubles ("Busted Trust," CE:August/September 2002) invites some comments.