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someone who drives a truck as an occupation

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The ADSO, in conjunction with its partners, has been successful in getting at least 27 states to recognize Army truckdriver training and experience as an acceptable standard for the driving skills test portion of the CDL exam.
I walked backwards, went into my past, and recalled all the old jobs I'd had: truckdriver, digging wells, digging clams by lantern light, spark-watching, whistle punk, faller for a dollar, bucker for a buck, busboy in Duncan, dryland sort and chainsaw maestro, choker, joker, smoker, timber cruiser, a snoozer, a scaler, feeding the green chain, working in a box factory, riding the milk train and riding an orange forklift with a big battery on the back.
So they're ordering tombstones shaped like beer mugs and Harley-Davidsons, and the traditional generic inscriptions ("Sweet Rest in Heaven," "Not Dead but Sleeping," "Loving Husband, Devoted Son," and such) are giving way to custom-tailored epitaphs ("World's Greatest Truckdriver," "High-Jumping in Heaven," and, for a diamond cutter's wife, "She Was a Gem").
ought to be long gone, whether we're talking premier, astronaut, doctor, truckdriver.
His father was a truckdriver and mother was a charwoman.
These locals are, for the most part, one-dimensional stereotypes, including a white-trash, racist truckdriver and a French Canadian waitress whose accent veers all over the North American map.
When George's cab caught up with the truck at a stop light, George leaned out the window and let the truckdriver know what he thought of him.
Mosquito), truckdriver and member of the Perfectability Baptist Church, seems to follow in the more hopeful directions charted by The Healing.
The reader encounters "Karen," a New Age and "mood tape" enthusiast who considers music to be "a release from the rat race" (137); "Ralph," a truckdriver and polka fan who enjoys flipping the radio dial in search of eclectic and offbeat radio stations when he's out on the road; and "Billy," a seven-year-old member of the Belinda Carlisle Fan Club who likes to sing her songs with a friend during lunch.
25, files reveal a sawmiller with nine children was paid only $16, and a truckdriver with eight children struggled on $18.
The Clarkson Company has its roots dating back to the late 1920s, when a young truckdriver named J.
She is only a little girl," the truckdriver protested.
Shortly after this moment comes an extraordinary segment of Marc Levin's recent documentary footage: a scene of a dinner in someone's home, where the guests at the table include Smith, Daryl Gates, Ruben Martinez, author and scholar Elaine Kim and Paul Parker (a black activist who describes the riots as a "revolution," and who organized a legal defense committee for the men who assaulted truckdriver Reginald Denny).
I do make it for myself -- but I want the truckdriver who takes it away to say something too.