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someone who drives a truck as an occupation

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The ADSO, in conjunction with its partners, has been successful in getting at least 27 states to recognize Army truckdriver training and experience as an acceptable standard for the driving skills test portion of the CDL exam.
His father was a truckdriver and mother was a charwoman.
These locals are, for the most part, one-dimensional stereotypes, including a white-trash, racist truckdriver and a French Canadian waitress whose accent veers all over the North American map.
She is only a little girl," the truckdriver protested.
I do make it for myself -- but I want the truckdriver who takes it away to say something too.
He previously was a truckdriver for the former Shipper Service Express Co.
Previously he was a truckdriver for C & S Wholesale Grocers for 11 years.
Although it may not strike you as an unsafe occupation, truckdriver accounted for the most occupational injuries and illnesses requiring time away from work in 2000, according to BLS data on occupational injuries, illnesses, and fatalities.
Gary worked as a truckdriver for Keebler cookies, many years before retiring.
In recent court papers, Iyman Faris, a former Columbus, Ohio truckdriver who pleaded guilty to a plot to bring down the Brooklyn Bridge with a blowtorch, argued that he had been held without a warrant.
The fastest growing occupations are taxi driver and chauffeur and truckdriver and driver/sales worker.
The retired truckdriver told an internationally televised news- conference, staged at the Science Museum of Virginia in Richmond, that he would spend the money wisely -- while his wife vowed to "shop 'til I drop