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Synonyms for alpha

the alpha and omega

Words related to alpha

the 1st letter of the Greek alphabet

the beginning of a series or sequence

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first in order of importance

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early testing stage of a software or hardware product

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ClearTrust SecureControl allows customers to centrally set, enforce, and manage the security policies that govern user authentication, authorization, and single sign-on for all Web server- and Web application server-based applications running on the Compaq Tru64 UNIX operating system.
Developers using TCC on Compaq Tru64 UNIX will now be able to benefit from powerful 64-bit performance when building Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs) with attached databases or other large memory intensive applications.
In addition, Compaq's Tru64 UNIX operating system has been rated number one in most UNIX capabilities, as well as number one in clustering, by D.
Extended clustering, performance, Internet and management capabilities with new versions of Tru64 UNIX and TruCluster Server
Celera Genomics CEO and chief scientist Craig Venter highlighted the critical role played by Compaq AlphaServers and Tru64 UNIX in Celera's mapping of the human genome.
Compaq says it will support NDS for Tru64 Unix under its Insight Manager XE application which provides web-based management of hardware and applications.
Recently named a partner for Oracle's iHost applications hosting initiative, Nupremis is the first service provider to announce hosting Oracle iHost applications on AlphaServers running Tru64 UNIX, providing the most scalable and highly available platform for meeting the demands of eBusinesses.
We are investing aggressively to achieve the best Java application performance with Tru64 UNIX on AlphaServers as part of Compaq's NonStop eBusiness initiative," Heil says.
Measures to be taken to achieve this goal are an extra $100m to be spent on partnerships, marketing and "field programs" for Tru64 Unix, and a doubling of field specialist staff.
The update includes monitoring capabilities for Oracle Application Server, Windows Event Logs and Tru64 Unix.
Compaq Computer Corporation's (NYSE: CPQ) Tru64 UNIX V5.
0 of its Tru64 Unix operating system later this month and TruCluster system software in the summer for connecting Unix servers utilizing its Memory Channel interconnect.
The product is a proven solution, designed to be customer installable and accommodating applications for Windows, AIX, Linux, Sun Solaris, OpenVMS, HP-UX and HP Tru64 Unix.
It is expected to debut new AlphaServers together with a new cut of its Tru64 Unix operating system (nee Digital Unix) and integration services.
Compaq also announced that its carrier-grade NonStop Integrity S-series systems will run on Tru64 UNIX and be powered by Alpha in late 2001.