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autumnalis is considered the most widely dispersed mite species belonging to the family Trombiculidae in Occidental Europe and can survive in a range of environmental conditions (Scholer et al.
Ewing (1944) was the first to determine that there are two families of chigger mites (Trombiculidae and Leeuwenhoekiidae) under the superfamily Trombiculidae Ewing (Li et al.
INTRODUCTION: Scrub typhus is an acute febrile illness caused by Orientia tsutsugamushi and is transmitted through the bite of larval mites (chiggers) of the Trombiculidae family.
Arnold (1986) argued that the development of these "mite pockets" acts as an adaptation to limit the distribution of trombiculidae ectoparasites on their bodies and thus reduce their damage.
Parthenogenesis Trombiculidae Leptotrombidium arenicola Traub, 1960 Scorpiones Parthenogenesis Buthidae Ananteris coinaui Lourenco 1982, Hottentota hottentota Fabricius 1787, Tityus columbianus Thorell 1876, Tityus metuendus Pocock 1897, Tityus stigmurus Thorell 1876, Tityus trivittatus Kraepelin 1898, Tityus uruguayensis Borelli, 1901 Parthenogenesis Hemiscorpiidae Liocheles australasiae Fabricius, 1775 * Opiliones Parthenogenesis Caddidae Acropsopilio chomulae Goodnight & Goodnight 1948 Parthenogenesis Phalangiidae Leiobunum globosum Suzuki 1953, Leiobunum manubriatum Karsch 1881 Araneae Absence of males Symphytognathidae Anapistula caecula Baert & or strongly Jocque 1993 biased sex-ratio Absence of males Araneidae Hypognatha spp.