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involving three parties or elements

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The essays in Part I of the volume, 'Transitions to Tripartition,' explore the moral psychological views expressed in dialogues that are considered prior to, or roughly contemporaneous with, the Republic (where the tripartite theory is first introduced), and they address ways in which those views anticipate, motivate, or relate to tripartite psychology.
the educators Achille Meissas and Jean Charles Auguste Michelot persistently privileged the geographical tripartition of Oceanie into Malaisie ou Notasie ('Malaysia or Notasia'), Australie (including New Zealand), and Polynesie.
Thomas's treatment of the causality of sin by the Devil, briefly discussed above, is part of a tripartition of the possible external causes of human sin, namely God (who is in no way a cause of sin), the Devil, and man.
This tripartition is a trap lying in wait for unsuspecting garden designers who, like God, intervene in the world of natural laws and unfolding evolution trying to make nature or the world into a better place.
The tripartition of this book into a theoretical section followed by discrete discussions of two rather dissimilar primary texts inevitably leads to the suspicion that three books have been amalgamated.
34] Discarding the conventions of the Renaissance prologue based on the tripartition of author-work-auditor/reader , [35] d'Urfe refuses the commonplaces which establish complicity between author and reader through mediation of the text.
On the side of those who hold that Plato abandons Socratic intellectualism is the apparent fact that in one dialogue--labeled "early" in the relevant sense--namely, Protagoras, Socrates argues against the possibility of incontinence, whereas in Republic, he argues for the possibility of incontinence on the basis of the tripartition of the embodied human soul.
In analyzing the landmarks (complements of the adposition or semi-complements of the quasi-adposition) we use a tripartition based on the degree of force-dynamic strength they contribute to the event--that is, whether they facilitate or resist the motion of the mover, or are neutral with respect to it.
Ptolemy's association of several species of virtue with each part of the soul may be a confluence of Stoic and Platonic theories, in this case of a Stoic model of the relationships among the soul's virtues and a Platonic tripartition of the soul.
Bene seems to recreate this tripartition when he divides creative work into the first two preparatory moments of praxis and un-design in order to reach the third--the advent of the void.
I have distinguished these three forms of skepticism in my Knowledge, Reason, and Taste: Kant's Response to Hume; Michael Forster offers a similar tripartition of Kant's conception of skepticism in his Kant and Skepticism [both Princeton 2008].
Such an approach is of course a familiar one in modern Indo-European scholarship, practiced for many decades with great daring and great skill by Georges Dumezil, and indeed Woodard works within a Dumezilian model of tripartition, though he is not as constrained by it as some of Dumezil's epigones.
De la dichotomie benvenistienne a la tripartition de J-M Adam et F.
Here, I will focus on the tripartition illustrated in (1) and set aside the distinction between syntactic clitics and phonological clitics.
Evidence of this analytic tripartition can be found in the letter of the texts themselves.