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Frisbee Sheffield focuses on the impact that tripartition has on Plato's conception of eros by comparing the treatment of eros in the Symposium with that in the Phaedrus.
In fact, he claims in his conclusion that "the tripartition of Jewish thought in the Persian period among Zadokites, Enochians, and the wise corresponds to the sociological structure of the Jewish society (or, better, of its upper class)" (p.
This tripartition is a trap lying in wait for unsuspecting garden designers who, like God, intervene in the world of natural laws and unfolding evolution trying to make nature or the world into a better place.
Cependant l'hesitation terminologique entre appellatio et vocabulum ne fut manifestement pas comprise par tous, et certains, confrontes a une triade de termes, nomen, appellatio, vocabulum, l'interpreterent en tentant de retrouver des classifications qui auraient justifie une tripartition.
Given this tripartition of types of concepts, Sextus should respond to Mates's question by saying that the appearances to which he assents are couched in, or framed in terms of, his own Skeptical concepts, so that his "It appears to me that the ship is in motion" could be expressed more fully as follows: "It appears to me that a thing of the sort that has earlier appeared thus and thus--if such there be--is now before me, and that it has the property common to those things that have earlier appeared so and so--if such there be.
Most of the discussion of this text, which I have seen, is concerned with the implicit social tripartition that it expresses, with the theme of the three orders, but this text actually envisions a four-fold social ordering.
Nabokov a souligne que l'espace de la representation (la tripartition du texte romanesque) correspond a l'espace represente (2): le couple Bovary vit d'abord a Tostes; le debut de la seconde partie coincide avec l'installation a Yonville et, tandis qu'elle se clot sur la rencontre de Leon a l'opera, la troisieme partie se deroule, avant le drame final, plutot a Rouen ou se consume leur liaison.
34] Discarding the conventions of the Renaissance prologue based on the tripartition of author-work-auditor/reader , [35] d'Urfe refuses the commonplaces which establish complicity between author and reader through mediation of the text.
The modern life course is organised around participation in the employment system -- with the result of a sharp tripartition of life stages into a phase of preparation for work, one of economic activity, and one of retirement.
3 of my `Galen on the Soul': the point is essentially that elements of a heart-centred psychophysiology appear to interfere with Galen's `official' tripartition.
5) Since the tripartition was to be strongly thematized and made systematic by the Stoics, Aristotle then becomes, from this point of view, a minor link in the history of this threefold division.
A claim that no credible form of tripartition was current in post-Aristotelian philosophy would be important; is it true?
The fact is that the transition from two to three is hardly more than a nuance when Isidore himself could count spiritus as a function of the soul; Virgilius' tripartition at Epit.
Finally, there are seven appendices dealing with (I) the cult of the heroes in the Supplicatio, (II) the role of Orpheus in apologetic literature, (III) Euhemerus, (IV) the relationship between Athenagoras and Origen, (V) Galen's theory of digestion, (VI) bipartition and tripartition of the human body and (VII) the quotations from Scripture and their sources.