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a colorless flammable gas sometimes used as an inhalation anesthetic

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The V-Loc 180 absorbable wound closure device was prepared from a copolymer of glycolic acid and trimethylene carbonate and consisted of a barbed absorbable thread armed with a surgical needle at one end and a loop end effector at the other (Fig.
At least one of the components consists of the single filament polytrimethylene terephthalate containing repeating units of trimethylene terephthalate of 90 mol % or more.
PTT is synthesized by the polycondensation of trimethylene glycol with either a terephthalic acid or dimethyl terephthalate.
PACKAGE 1 Surgical, synthetic, absorbent, braided sutures made of synthetic polyester composed of glycolide and lactide-glycol and lactic acid derivative, coated with a mixture of caprolactone copolymer (glycolide and stearic-lactide lactide, monofilament absorbed, composed of glycol acid copolymer and trimethylene carbonate .
The potential advantages of non-collapsible oak fibers may become more widely recognized especially for entanglement with long synthetic fibers such as trimethylene terephthalate (PTT) or more readily biodegradable entities exemplified by ethylene-carbon monoxide copolymers or the green polylactic acid.
Substance poliglekapronas 25 or synthetic polyester Glycomer 631 (consisting of glycolide, dioxanone and trimethylene carbonate), or equivalent.