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a set of three literary or dramatic works related in subject or theme

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Dreams Made Flesh is a nice addition to the Black Jewels Trilogy.
The 30-minute trilogy isn't exactly inspired, but it's good, clean cult- worshiping fun.
Understanding that most readers are not aware of his work, brief biographical notes on al-Faqih are appropriate before analyzing the themes presented in his trilogy.
As Vice President of Operations for Trilogy, Vitiello is responsible for overseeing the hiring and management of all spa partner personnel and departments, development of marketing and public relations initiatives and implementation of standard operating procedures.
Lucas says he won't be able to make a third trilogy - and that despite numerous reports to the contrary, he never planned to.
The naming of Darren as President is a validation of the extraordinary contributions he has made to Trilogy and to our clients," said A.
When a trailer for the trilogy was released on the Internet last year, there were 1.
This acquisition gives us a significant interest in the company and reflects our continued enthusiasm for the growth opportunity represented by 2degrees as the third wireless entrant in New Zealand," said Brad Horwitz, President and CEO of Trilogy International Partners.
Just as Trilogy is able to capitalize on emerging trends in the component packaging and new manufacturing processes, M/C/C excels at finding new avenues to take its client's key messages to key target audiences.
Trilogy Equity Partners was founded by successful veterans of the wireless industry, including the executive team that founded Western Wireless and VoiceStream.
Trilogy offers three home collections with multiple floor plans.
Trilogy Equity Partners, co-founded by former T-Mobile USA and Western Wireless Chief Executive John Stanton, also participated in this highly successful round.
SAN FRANCISCO -- LucasArts and TT Games today announced that it has shipped its hotly anticipated videogame, LEGO(R) Star Wars(R) II: The Original Trilogy, to retailers worldwide.