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It should be said also that 4pc is acceptable and that the present 20pc enriched uranium set aside for Triga is also OK, but there is no need for more.
The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to solicit proposals to enter into a contract with a qualified supplier to obtain neutron flux monitoring channels to replace the aging, degraded and out of focus flux monitoring channels for the University of Utah TRIGA reactor (UUTR) operated and managed (staff support, financial support and operation support, all solely by the Utah Nuclear Engineering Program (UNEP) of the University of Utah), hereafter referred to as the "University.
Our instruction for the Golden Triga was: 'It should go to the pavilion that best expresses its own theme.
The highest prize, the Golden Triga, went to Brazil.
For its conceptual boldness, Brazil was a clear winner of the top prize, the Golden Triga (or chariot).
In addition, the team reviewed the physical protection systems at the TRIGA PUSPATI Research Reactor and Gamma Green House of the Malaysian Nuclear Agency, the Ministry of Healths National Blood Centre, the Nuclear Science Programme at the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and an irradiation facility for sterilization belonging to the company Grand Ten Holding Sdn Bhd.
In 2011, USITT sponsored three exhibits: an American national exhibit, From the Edge, which competed with sixty-two other countries for a grand prize known as the Golden Triga, a student exhibit, Emerge, and an architecture exhibit.
Measures Description The Institute of Nuclear Chemistry consists of 2 institutes and laboratory buildings (building in 1261 and 1264) and the reactor hall (building 1262), in which the TRIGA research reactor at the University of Mainz is housed.
The Centre s TRIGA Mark II research reactor plays an important role in the development of a nuclear safety culture in Slovenia, in neutron research and in the production of radioactive isotopes for use in medicine and industry.