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a vehicle with three wheels that is moved by foot pedals

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Operatives of the Nigeria Police attached to B'Division, Warri, Delta State, have arrested two robbery suspects with a tricycle, a gun and an army polo shirt.
The DOT chief made the pitch for Malabon and other emerging destinations in the National Capital Region, while onboard a tricycle to visit the destination's best-kept secrets, such as the 404-year-old Bartolome Church, Syjuco Heritage House, the art gallery of Angel Cacnio, the Borja Mansion and the Immaculate Concepcion Church.
The mayor said that starting this year, there will be no more kuligligs, gasoline-run tricycles and pedicabs plying the streets of Manila in a bid to make the city the e-trike capital of the Philippines.
The Makati City Council has passed an ordinance prohibiting minors to ride at the backseat of a tricycle, as well as riding on motorcycles.
In a press conference yesterday (May 22), Mayor Maria Isabelle Beng Climaco-Salazar called on tricycle drivers to stop overcharging passengers, especially tourists.
GMS has already conducted a trial in Metro Manila that ran from September 2014 through January 2015 using electric tricycles with proprietary sensing technologies and ICT, such as remote vehicle-control systems, fare-authentication systems, and anti-theft systems.
The mobile tea stall features Unilever's Tea Fusion machine on a tricycle designed by Runcorn-based inventor Mike Wheelhouse.
The Question: What are the characteristics of tricycle injuries treated in U.
7 million) to the Department of Energy to cover the government's funding share in a project that will launch more electric-powered tricycles or "e-Trikes" on Metro Manila's roads.
Chapters offer both small and large-sized photos on oversized pages designed to capture the nuances of the vehicles while captions provide keys to understanding the pictures, whether they be portraits of racing tricycles or light car dealerships.
But what is hidden in his hectic work schedule is his hobby of collecting vintage bicycles and tricycles, which in fact led to the creation of his motorcycle and scooter workshop.
5 million powered tricycles with pure-electric models.
THE Municipal Corporation of Delhi ( MCD) has allowed more than 200 tricycles meant for the physically challenged to turn into junk because officials reportedly couldn't find enough needy people to donate them.
Only a handful of the tricycles were ever made meaning it's unlikely that Emily will ever be able to buy a replacement.
The hotel opened The Garage on July 1, 2011, and is offering hotel guests a range of tricycles, bicycles and scooters, for adults and children to rent.