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cocked hat with the brim turned up to form three points


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Warrior's Wardrobe" - Through this portion of the application, participants at the Spike TV booth can become George Washington or Ghengis Kahn by taking a picture of themselves with virtual props: George Washington's wig and tricorn hat or Ghengis Kahn's helmet.
To make George Washington's tricorn hat, cut a 5 1/2-inch circle from paper or card stock.
ELMLEY DE LA COUR Cecilia Bartoli Symphony Hall She swaggered onstage in knee-length boots, hip-hugging breeches, silk-lined cloak and tricorn hat - the epitome of a pantomime principal boy.
The head drum major is distinguished from other members of the unit in two ways: He wears the light-infantry cap, rather than the tricorn hat worn by the other musicians, and carries an espontoon in his right hand (which differs from the large mace carried by most military drum majors).
history book circa 1776, in waistcoat, breeches, cravat and tricorn hat.
Nelson is wearing a blue naval coat and a large tricorn hat.
Martin is a volunteer at the railway, showing visitors round the museum and is often seen in Porthmadog dressed in his crimson costume and black and gold tricorn hat.
With curly moustache, tricorn hat and hook, Dustin became Peter Pan's evil enemy Captain Hook in the fantasy adventure featuriing Robin Williams
They dressed him in a tricorn hat and tartan trews, handed him a bell and got him to pose for publicity shots with Deputy Provost Mary Kilpatrick.
was all set to throw my feathered tricorn hat into the ring and was looking forward to being Ambassador to Jamaica or The Maldives.
At a dress rehearsal, he put on his costume--a white ponytailed wig, black and gold tricorn hat and long red jacket--and joked that he could have worn one of the boldly-patterned suits he wears on the air as a commentator on Hockey Night in Canada.
But while Old Abe at least gets cameos in all the Civil War movies, poor old George stumbles along in his pantaloons and tricorn hat, shivering through his wooden teeth, snowbound at Valley Forge in a modern Miami Beach world.
And is that figure in the tricorn hat on the Chester Road in Kingstanding the spirit of Tom King, notorious highwayman and partner-in-crime of Dick Turpin?
At five feet ten inches tall, wearing the traditional British black silk Speaker's robes and tricorn hat, Hodges struck a dramatic figure.
Tricorn Hat provides 7- through 12-year-olds with three-cornered hats as souvenirs.