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a small northern constellation near Perseus between Andromeda and Aries


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Triangulum, a constellation called so for its three biggest stars, seems the perfect title for the book with a piece of mirror on the cover, "so that the reader can see himself/herself in our poems," Rajib says.
This gives a path from just below Triangulum Australis, directly towards Achernar, which was probably below the line of hills Bennie refers to and hence not visible at the time.
A simulation of the Triangulum Galaxy in various stages of it's orbit around the Andromeda Galaxy
Renamed the Triangulum to reinforce its unusual triangular shape, the six-story comer building at 326 South 1st Street will feature completely redesigned two-bedroom rental homes when the intensive rehabilitation effort is completed, according to TreeTop Development, LLC, which is undertaking the renovations.
The scarlet king snake (Lampropeltis triangulum elap-soides), which looks similar to the coral snake ("Red on Black, Venom Lack" and has a red snout), is nonvenomous.
Taurus has emerged from the east, preceded by Aries, Triangulum and the Pleiades.
Among these unique terms are flexilineus triangulus (flexilinear triangle), semicurvilinea triangula (semi-curved triangles), tricuspidarum triangulum (three-pointed triangles in which all angles are acute), cyclogonus (a cycle-sided figure), corona (a crown-shaped figure), agonia (a no-angled figure, such as a circle), metriscus (which should, perhaps, be meniscus, a moon-shaped figure), monoeides (a half of a lune), keratoeides (a horn or sickle-shaped figure), pelekoides (a hatchet-shaped figure), and arbilon (perhaps his version of arbelos, which is a figure in the shape of a cobbler's knife).
Lampropeltis triangulum triangulum (Lacepede, 1788), Eastern Milksnake (I, II, III, IV)
97 Snakes Storeria dekayi 06 03 -- -- 09 Storeria occipitomaculata -- 01 -- 01 02 Virginia striatula -- -- -- 02 02 Lampropeltis calligaster -- 02 -- -- 02 Lampropeltis getula 15 08 20 06 49 Lampropeltis triangulum -- 02 08 05 15 Coluber constrictor 18 14 20 14 66 Opheodrys aestivus -- 01 -- 01 02 Elaphe obsoleta 09 18 13 06 46 Heterodon platirhinos -- -- 01 -- 01 Thamnophis proximus 38 57 27 23 145 Farancia abacura 04 02 01 -- 07 Nerodia cyclopion 10 01 01 -- 12 Nerodia erythrogaster 26 14 09 01 50 Nerodia fasciata 57 18 15 -- 90 Nerodia rhombifer 05 01 03 -- 09 Regina rigida 03 -- -- -- 03 Agkistrodon contortrix 29 44 25 19 117 Agkistrodon piscivorus 31 18 02 02 53 No.
The Armonk, New York based PC and services giant said it has signed partnerships with seven vendors - Allot Communications, Dascom, enCommerce, Netegrity, Persistent Systems Private Ltd, Security Dynamics and Triangulum - to integrate data from their proprietary directory technologies into IBM's eNetworks product.
Among these organizations with whom Biomoda is working are: Esocor LLC, JR Associates, Majestic Sarl, Triangulum Consulting Services Inc.
The new central energy unit is a delivery for the EU Triangulum project, a part of the Smart Cities and Communities (SSC) program.
Above the Pointers is an obvious equilateral triangle of stars, Triangulum Australe.