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one (as a judge) who examines and settles a case

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NB: Tria is available at Selfridges, Harrods, Space.
Under saline regimes foliar application of TRIA suppresses the stress-related genes and up-regulates the genes involved in the photosynthesis process, enhances mineral nutrients and water uptake, enhances the activities of antioxidant enzymes for proper regulation of the metabolic processes, as well as nitrogen metabolism upregulated by the formation of various organic compounds (Ertani et al.
Congress originally enacted TRIA, effective November 2002, in an effort to spur commerce after the September 11 attacks.
The Big CyI' is grateful to both the Senate and House leadership for making the reauthorization of TRIA and the passage of NARAB II a top priority in this new Congress," says Charles Symington, Big "I" senior vice president of external and government affairs.
Bill Killmer, MBA senior vice president for legislative and political affairs, said it's unlikely Congress will address TRIA before the November elections.
The settlement covers two non-exclusive patent license agreements between Cynosure and Tria, The first agreement offers Tria a non-exclusive, worldwide license to US Patent Nos.
TRIA has an established history since it was first implemented by President Bush in 2002.
TRIA was first passed in 2002 following the September 11th terrorist attacks to provide insurance coverage for terrorism events, which private policies widely exclude from coverage.
Royce also talked about the House TRIA extension bill.
The new law extends the TRIA, which otherwise would have expired at the end of 2005.
Passed by Congress in 2002, TRIA is a low-cost reinsurance program for property and workers' comp insurers.
The entire TRIA package is set to expire this year.
First, because Congress understood that the pool of funds from which payments would be made would not suffice to cover in their entirety claims by potential beneficiaries of the VTVPA as amended by the TRIA, the TRIA authorizes pro rata payments to judgment-creditors based on the size of their compensatory damage awards relative to the overall pool of available funds.