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one (as a judge) who examines and settles a case

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Congress originally enacted TRIA, effective November 2002, in an effort to spur commerce after the September 11 attacks.
The National Association of Professional Insurance Agents (PIA) commended the House's passage of a long-term TRIA extension.
The Tria Laser 4X is suitable for use on those with light to medium skin tones and dark hair.
NLC supports an extension of TRIA, which provides assurance to local government that they are safeguarded against future acts of terrorism.
TRIA was created in 2002 as a temporary solution, but its extension or replacement will need to address the new realities of tomorrow, including the need for more involvement by the private sector, said Douglas Holtz-Eakin, director of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).
Tria is an intriguing character, and a sequel would be welcome so that readers could follow her as she steps into adulthood with her gifts.
A broad coalition of business groups has pressured lawmakers to reauthorize TRIA, which allows for the federal government to act as a backstop following a catastrophic terrorist attack.
Some in the Senate were not comfortable with those issues, which kept the Senate from approving the House bill on TRIA.
If it is not extended, the loss of direct access to TRIA will substantially reduce terrorism limits for U.
TRIA covers most commercial property and casualty lines, including excess insurance, workers compensation, and directors and officers liability, but does not include several other types of insurance, such as professional liability, flood or reinsurance.
announced today the UK launch of the TRIA Skin Rejuvenating Laser for the treatment of wrinkles, skin discoloration and rough skin; now the the effectiveness of professional fractional lasers is made affordable and available to consumers for use at home.
With my busy schedule, the Tria Hair Removal Laser appealed to me as an easy and convenient way to maintain my hair-free lifestyle at home or on the road," she said.
The report, TRIA and Beyond: Terrorism Risk Financing in the U.