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English engineer who built the first railway locomotive (1771-1833)

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However, Mrs Trevithick, originally from Aberdeen, said she had been tired of living in the grime of London and wanted to return to Scotland.
In his first interview since being freed in the prisoner swap last month, Trevithick said he was accused of being part of a plot to overthrow the Islamic Republic.
Abedini, Hekmati and Rezaian apparently were the three American ex-detainees aboard the plane that landed in Geneva, as Khosravi-Roodsari and Trevithick reportedly stayed behind.
The trust helped establish a heritage trail - the Trevithick Trail - along the tramroad and is carrying out a feasibility study into a Merthyr Tydfil Summer Heritage Festival.
David Murdin, the company marketing director, said, 'We are delighted to bring a new hotel and restaurant to Camborne and we can't wait to welcome our guests to the Trevithick Inn Table Table restaurant and Premier Inn in January.
Efficient under floor heating will be incorporated in the Trevithick Inn to avoid the need for radiators; solar PV panels will provide electricity and electric car charging points will be installed in the car park.
Richard Trevithick (1771-1833) was an important figure in the early development of steam technology.
In 1804, Richard Trevithick built the first steam engine.
Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Richard Trevithick or perhaps, the Scottish engineer, Thomas Telford.
Chris Trevithick, sales director, said: "With the backing of our parent company, VPK Packaging, we are able to follow an aggressive policy of investment in our UK operations, which includes our recently expanded Desborough site and the state-of-the-art Selby facility.
McGowan draws on several sources, including the letters and personal documents of the main characters, to create a narrative full of personal detail; not only do we learn about how the steam locomotive developed into a machine capable of performing the tasks set to it during the Rainhill locomotive trials, we also learn, for example, that Richard Trevithick and Davies Gilbert spent a day verifying that a vehicle could be propelled by its wheels (something that had never been tried before) and how Trevithick came to assist Simon Bolivar in his military endeavours.
1804 - British engineer Richard Trevithick demonstrated the first steam engine to run on rails.
As part of Merthyr Tydfil's Trevithick Bicentenary celebrations, this year's show will host a Guinness World Record dance attempt and it's up to everybody to get stuck in and do the locomotion.
Disc jockey turned pop producer Pete Waterman named a Welsh loco Richard Trevithick,in honour of the man who pioneered rail travel.