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United States golfer (born in 1939)

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Officials made the same decision years ago - Trevino said she couldn't remember the exact election cycle - for similar reasons.
On Tuesday, members of the Illinois State Police North Central Narcotics Task Force encountered Trevino on the stairway of his apartment building where they were about to execute a search warrant of his home, Gates said.
Blanca Estela Trevino pone como centro de su estudio una figura "descentrada": "Situo a Margo Glantz--dice--dentro de la denominacion rubendariana de los escritores <<raros>> o <<excentricos>>, que aparecen en la literatura con un discurso provocador, tal vez disparatado y a la vez resplandeciente .
Trevino had led the Open at one stage and, playing with Oosterhuis, was followed by a gallery of more than 1,000 at Whitley Bay.
at issue in Trevino, substantially limiting the impact of its holding.
Despues de eso, Oscar Ornar Trevino asumio la dirigencia de la banda.
The gang has been weakened since the killing of former boss Heriberto Lazcano in 2012 and the subsequent capture of Miguel Angel Trevino in 2013.
He's not used to that, so I like that Tyler's having to deal with that this season," Trevino explained.
Berny Trevino received a $5,000 reward for return of the statue he says he found abandoned at an Austin apartment complex in 2001.
1971 LEE TREVINO (USA) Even par in a playoff Trevino began a great summer by matching Jack Nicklaus over four rounds then beating him in the play-off before going on to win the Canadian Open and then the Open at Birkdale.
In 2012 "Te Dare" was released under Trevino Music Group as a test run and obtained great reviews.
The jury found Jose Trevino Morales, 46, guilty of one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering, the U.
Manny Trevino, a retired Master Chief Ship's Serviceman, has served as a Retail Operations instructor at NSCS since May 2009, and relocated with the school when it moved from Athens, Ga.
The algorithm is simple for CEO Blanca Trevino, the much-admired native of Monterrey, Mexico: "When we started the company we decided to share it.
1) With Lazcano's death and the group's perceived weakness, Trevino will remain under constant pressure from rivals and law enforcement, a diminished posture that will limit his ability to lead the organization effectively.