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English historian and son of Sir George Otto Trevelyan whose works include a social history of England and a biography of Garibaldi (1876-1962)

English historian who wrote a history of the American revolution and a biography of his uncle Lord Macaulay (1838-1928)

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Mrs Trevelyan said: "I accept that there might well be biometric data on foreign criminals in EU databases, as we have in ours, but surely it would be more sensible to build a database that we use to assist police forces around the world, with whom bilateral agreements already in place could be enhanced by such datasharing.
Mrs Trevelyan said: "I am delighted the Government has listened and will introduce this minimum standard.
Managing director Rupert Trevelyan said that moving the off time is likely to come under discussion in a move already taken by counterparts in Ireland.
James Trevelyan Hairdressing in Scholes has been given the seal of approval.
Richard Trevelyan, 23, was suffering undiagnosed paranoid schizophrenia, Cardiff Crown Court heard yesterday, as his heartbroken mother called for more support for those showing signs of a mental illness.
In a midlife autobiography, Indigo Days, Julian Trevelyan (1910-88) described his art as 'a collaboration with the God of Chance'.
Britain's Trevelyan family, a well-to-do and frequently eccentric family overall, played a significant role in the country's social and political history over a period of 100 years.
Cornelius emerged from a meeting with Epsom managing director Rupert Trevelyan to report the rights of stable staff to free entry at the majority of Epsom meetings, including all those featuring concerts after racing, had been reinstated.
Trevelyan had three points (two goals, an assist) in his return to the Worcester lineup and goalie Daren Machesney made 18 saves in his second straight start.
He's one of the guests trapped at a remote hotel by a blizzard who are spooked when a session around a Ouija board spells doom for one of their number - politician C live Trevelyan (Timothy Dalton).
FORMER James Bond star Timothy Dalton makes a rare TV appearance as Clive Trevelyan, an eminent politician who is tipped by Winston Churchill (Robert Hardy) to be the next Prime Minister.
The only other writer to make claims for vampires in Wales is Marie Trevelyan, in her Folk-Lore and Folk-Stories of Wales, published in 1909.
The central couple are Emily and Louis Trevelyan who, because of misunderstandings and mistrust, head for disaster.
Dr Jasper Trevelyan, research registrar in cardiology, had no hesitation in leaving a legacy to the National Heart Research Fund after taking up the opportunity to make a will for free through the Evening Telegraph campaign.