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a line on a graph indicating a statistical trend

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The validity of a trend line may be partially associated to the number of connection points.
lt;strong>Trading the pattern: </strong>Traders should be watching the upper trend line of the pattern.
The best-fit trend lines represent the central tendency of the data set relative to size, with approximately half the data points above the line and half below.
A trend line plotted through the household income measure (in yellow) slopes discernibly upward when January 2005 is taken into account.
Technical analyst Christopher Weaver shows you how to improve your trading of trending currency pairs using trend lines, channels, Fibonacci retracements and symmetrical triangles.
Similar to analysis tools, technical drawing tools - aside from the aforementioned trend lines and channels - are both popular and diverse.
Finally, chapter 10 briefly explores what the future holds for the denim and jeanswear industry in terms of status, statement and future trend lines.
Trend lines mark these levels, with support acting as the "floor" and resistance as the "ceiling".
Save Layout Function: Save chart set ups with specific analyses, trend lines, and text messages.
Ralph Block is a witty and astute observer of the REIT scene, with an admirable ability to synthesize and present industry trend lines.
The added debt burden, in Fitch's view, limits HCA's financial flexibility, while issues such as volume growth and bad debt expense remain largely unresolved in terms of their trend lines, and, with regard to bad debt, the structural impact on the industry from continued increases in the number of uninsured patients.
According to Timer Digest, Lutts uses several market timing indicators including, the Cabot Trend Lines, the Sentiment Barometer, and the Hi-Lo Alert, but the key indicator is the Cabot Tides - a compilation of five different stock indexes.
The trend lines can now be independently drawn or removed in either the price or analysis windows.
Customers can see trend lines on contracts, check on net savings data, track rebates, monitor contract participation, and compare usage to other MedAssets customers' Surgery Center.
The application allows clients to access various studies including moving averages, trend lines and channels, and a wide range of oscillators.