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a line on a graph indicating a statistical trend

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Used indiscriminately, trend lines can actually prevent you from extracting insights from your data, and as you can imagine, hidden insights lead to missed opportunities and lost money.
But technical indicators show "a super three-decade downward sloping trend line for 10-year yields" that could prove to be critical to bond investors.
These trend lines also serve as support and resistance.
Trend lines of best fit were used for each of the established phases.
According to the latest Canadian Tobacco Use Monitoring Survey (CTUMS), the trend line for cigarette smokers under 18 has remained virtually flat over the past four years (see graphic to the left).
The best-fit trend lines represent the central tendency of the data set relative to size, with approximately half the data points above the line and half below.
A trend line plotted through the household income measure (in yellow) slopes discernibly upward when January 2005 is taken into account.
The Windows PC-based software automatically finds the data points it needs to create trend lines, for example, of hopper weight.
In addition, Lutz maintains that traditional historical practice that portrays collective experience over time as aspects of large-scale processes such as the rise of consumerism, glosses over significant differences; trend lines are more important in such narratives than are counter-currents and divergences.
The trend lines both before and after the two-year rise tend to run pretty flat, indicating that not much is happening in manufacturing or the metalcasting industry in the way of improved safety and health management.
Technical analyst Christopher Weaver shows you how to improve your trading of trending currency pairs using trend lines, channels, Fibonacci retracements and symmetrical triangles.
A Bull Flag can be identified a long green candlestick that resembles a flagpole, and a pennant that is identified by two converging trend lines that form a symmetrical triangle.
Drawing from our database of reading and math test results from all 50 states going back as far as 1999, the Center on Education Policy (CEP) looked for evidence of a plateau effect in 55 trend lines from 16 states with six to ten years of consistent test data.
Finally, chapter 10 briefly explores what the future holds for the denim and jeanswear industry in terms of status, statement and future trend lines.