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a ringing or booming sensation in one or both ears

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We conclude that5-m V laser therapy with a wavelength of 650 nm is no better than placebo for improving hearing thresholds overall or for treating tinnitus with regard to age, sex, environmental noise level, and the duration of tinnitus.
Evidence supporting medications is weak Though many medications have been investigated for treating tinnitus, most have been studied in small clinical trials and none is FDA-approved for tinnitus.
The report concludes that citizens with ringing ears should seek the help of a practitioner who is knowledgeable about treating tinnitus with hearing aids.
The rationale of treating tinnitus is based on modulation of these neurotransmitters in afferent auditory pathway by reducing the cytotoxicity and maintaining the cochlear homeostasis
LOS ANGELES -- Acamprosate, approved by the Food and Drug Administration for treating alcohol dependence, also may be effective in treating tinnitus.
If people are using ginkgo exclusively for treating tinnitus, they are most definitely wasting their money,' he said.
that a patent for the company's non-invasive medical device for treating tinnitus has issued.