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a province of northeastern South Africa originally inhabited by Africans who spoke Bantu

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509) En wanneer Smuts vir vredesamesprekings na Transvaal teruggeroep word, die mooiste prosa: "Dit was een enorme opdonder.
While this enriched the previously impoverished Transvaal republic, the massive influx of wealth and foreigners (Uitlanders) created economic, political and diplomatic problems for the Boers.
3) showing the endemic areas, with epidemic malaria occurring as far south in the Transvaal as Pretoria and in Natal to beyond Durban.
This was already the case in the Orange River, the Transvaal and Natal.
During the same time, the Transvaal Law Society unsuccessfully petitioned the Supreme Court to remove Mandela from the roll of attorneys because of his earlier conviction.
By 1930 the sport had spread, thanks to a provincial player from Transvaal who moved to the Natal Province and brought baseball with him.
The recent crop of Africa films playing at the local cineplex has not come to praise American and European adventurers and explorers journeying into the jungle or across the Transvaal, but to hold up a stark and unflattering mirror to the colonial and neo-colonial footprint these adventurers have left upon the continent and its people.
1881: British troops were defeated by the Boers at Majuba Hill, Transvaal.
In: Proceedings of the Transvaal Mine Medical Officers' Association.
Entomologist Dr Robert Toms of the Transvaal Museum in Johannesburg says edible creepy-crawlies abundant in Africa should be added to the daily diet--and that they represent a lucrative export opportunity.
Doak, a former international cricketer, made his Ulster debut in 1995 against Northern Transvaal and has accumulated 75 caps for the club as well as eight appearances for Ireland A.
The Boer War broke out in southern Africa in 1899 after the Boer people of Transvaal revolted for a second time against the British annexing of the area.
Military historians should note that The Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902: from the Hunter Valley to the Transvaal by Leslie H.
In the South African War of 1899-1901, Benson commanded a column at the Battle of Bakenlaagte in Eastern Transvaal, in which the British faced a stronger Boer force.
N'Dou, who holds the nickname ``Black Panther,'' is from Sydney, Australia via Transvaal, South Africa.
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