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involving or operating in several nations or nationalities

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The second section is concerned with transnationalism at an individual level and explores the link between transnationalism and female cosmopolitanism in useful ways.
But so are internationalism (the promotion of increased economic and political cooperation amongst nations) and transnationalism (people-to-people rather than government-to-government relationships).
At the same time, for political activists, Pieh is an icon of Black transnationalism and the centuries-long struggle against global capital's exploitation of people of African descent around the world.
Adele Parker and Stephenie Young brought together eleven articles in Transnationalism and Resistance: Experience and Experiment in Women's Writing and wrote an introduction to the volume in which they explain the notion of transnationalism as "the movement across or beyond prescribed cultural and national spaces without privileging these spaces" (1).
Indigenous development in the Andes: Culture, power, and transnationalism focuses on negotiations between indigena interests and those of western oriented ethno-development schemes, neoliberal policies, and sponsoring entities on issues of, for example, land, water, and education.
His research focuses on Latinos/as in the United States, transnationalism, immigration, labor, and civil rights.
To bolster the revisionist arguments and explore future research directions, it is useful to (re)-examine the fundamental forces shaping diasporic Chinese entrepreneurship, including the shifting roles of familism and business governance, multilayered interactions between state and networks, the impact of transnationalism and the dynamic rise of China.
The Transnational Condition represents a valuable development of the academic literature on social movements and transnationalism.
Contrary to suggestions that transnationalism is a response to the downward mobility that nonwhite immigrants encounter in post-industrial countries, ethnographic data shows that engagement in cross-border activities increases with upward mobility in the labor market.
The show will unfold from the newly expanded Palais de Tokyo to neighboring institutions along La Colline des Musees, with an approach to cultural transnationalism inspired by twentieth-century ethnographers Marcel Mauss, Michel Leiris, and Marcel Griaule.
Transnationalism and subversion seem like a fruitful pairing--certainly, the notion of transnationalism causes us to rethink traditional understandings of modern Irish literature--but the collection often has a troubling tendency to reinforce nation-centered readings.
The impact that the phenomenon of transnationalism has had on the nature and content of international relations as a field of study and practice is undeniable.
44 in thirty years, thirteen especially commissioned essays by some of today's most accomplished Twain scholars cover an array of topics, from domesticity and transnationalism to race and religion, and reflect a variety of scholarly and theoretical approaches to the work.
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