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the body of laws governing relations between nations

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Although international and comparative law are two distinct forms of transnational law, the legitimacy question that plagues "cross-referencing" by U.
The Suffolk Transnational Law Review was created in 1976 by a group of Suffolk Law students who wanted to combine their interests in international law and legal writing.
This correlation between the alleged pressure that globalization exercises upon the state and its legal order and the discovery that (domestic) law was never free, unified, and coherent, but rather has always been pluralist and unstable--is central to the here-proposed concept of transnational law.
Supreme Court's Use of Transnational Law to Interpret Domestic Doctrine, 103 GEO.
But Habermas sees in the Lisbon Treaty of 2007, the patched-together substitute for a European constitution that had been rejected by voters in France and in Netherlands in 2005, a triumph of transnational law over an antiquated commitment to national sovereignty.
This framework seeks to induce particular reifications of social life--such as the renegotiation of public and private proprietary spheres--and to standardize them globally, prompting Bhupinder Chimni to describe transnational law as a groundwork for the materialization of a global state.
Suk; "Why Parite Is a Better Goal Than Quotas," by Nadia Urbinati; "Sexuality and Citizenship in Contemporary Constitutional Argument," by Nicholas Bamforth; "By Reason Alone: Catholicism, Constitutions, and Sex in the Americas," by Julieta Lemaitre; "Gender and Democratic Citizenship: the Impact of CEDAW," by Frances Raday; "Comparative (In)equalities: CEDAW, the Jurisdiction of Gender, and the Heterogeneity of Transnational Law Production," by Judith Resnik.
The School's focus on transnational law - applying law across jurisdictions - positions us well to respond to the needs of employers.
Early Incantations: Creating the Field of Transnational Law B.
Many of the more traditional concepts addressing aspects of public law that transcend the territorial reach of public law have already been questioned in the context of the discussion of transnational law.
The first phase of this pilot project will focus on enhancing national and transnational law enforcement cooperation.
JESSUP, TRANSNATIONAL LAW (1956) (reprinting the author's Storrs Lectures, delivered at Yale Law School in February 1956) (coining the term "transnational law" and arguing that the world needed a field of law in this area).
That case and related proceedings raise many of the most pressing issues important to international law scholars and practitioners, such as the efficacy of international dispute resolution, the role of international arbitration, and the role of transnational law in domestic courts.
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