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the body of laws governing relations between nations

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This theory will be operationalized in three case studies on areas of transnational law where new forms of rulemaking coincide with a broad societal discussion on their normative foundation: financial markets (lex financiaria), internet governance (lex digitalis), and agricultural markets (lex agraria).
55) In this way, neoliberalism, transnational law, or, in effect, aspirations to universal objectivity were used to justify an indirect grab of the tools of emancipation of Third World states, resulting in the hollowing out of their recently acquired sovereignty and precipitating what Chimni describes as the "recolonisation" of the Third World.
2) Helene Lambert, Transnational Law, Judges and Refugees in the European Union, in THE LIMITS OF TRANSNATIONAL LAW: REFUGEE LAW, POLICY HARMONIZATION AND JUDICIAL DIALOGUE IN THE EUROPEAN UNION 1, 16 (Guy S.
Therefore, a relevant difference emerges between other forms of global law or transnational law, such as the lex mercatoria, and the lex sportiva: while the former adopt principles that are mostly - if not exclusively - based on private law, lex sportiva, and in particular CAS awards, have mostly developed using and in accordance with public law principles, particularly those drawn from criminal law and administrative law (45).
Klaus Peter Berger of the Center for Transnational Law, University of Cologne and Professor Martin Hunter, Barrister, Professor of International Dispute Resolution, Nottingham Law School and Chairman of DIAC Board of Trustees, are conducting the course that target lawyers, government officials, business executives, advanced young practitioners and others wishing to familiarize themselves with the different dispute resolution techniques.
The first part sets the stage by posing the debate over transnational law against the backdrop of current tensions between continental European governments and the United States over the conduct of U.
This in turn makes it meaningful to talk about transnational law in a way not seen since the Christian empires of the pre-modern world.
Transnational law transcends orthodox international law by pushing law all the way down to people in civil society.
Organised in collaboration with the Centre for the Transnational Law (Central) Cologne University, Germany, for the sixth consecutive year, the highly specialised three-day training course was attended by lawyers and non-lawyers who honed their skills in both the law and the practice of alternative dispute resolution means as the course consisted of highly practical and interactive teaching concepts, including practical exercises, interactive workshops and mock cases.
The consequences of a transnational law cannot be avoided, however, and Professor Domingo does not shy from rising to the challenge and rescuing the proverbial gauntlet.
If we depart the sporting domain for a moment, it appears that the notion of transnational law, very common in legal literature and even in practice, is characterised by an ambiguity which, far from constituting an obstacle to its application to the field of sport, on the contrary helps to highlight the diversity of the legal phenomenon that is sports law.
Globalizing justice; critical perspectives on transnational law and the cross-border migration of legal norms.
I worry that transnational law has become too optimistic, perhaps even naive, about what it can accomplish.
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