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someone who transmits a message


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any agent (person or animal or microorganism) that carries and transmits a disease

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The medium-wave transmitter on the summit of Monte Ceneri was one of the former nationwide transmitters for Switzerland along with those in Beromnster and Sottens.
They field tested the new design on 29 wild beavers in Arizona, USA with good success: mean retention time was 343 days ([+ or -] 44 SE), with 83% of beavers retaining transmitters for six months and 55% for 12 months.
Harris Corporation (NYSE:HRS), a communications and information technology company, was selected to provide a range of radio and television broadcast transmitters to Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Culture and Information (MOCI) as part of the ongoing modernisation of Saudi TV and Radio's transmitter infrastructure.
SPX series pressure transmitters for hazardous or explosive areas, including fiber spinning and melt extrusion.
NEC is a highly accomplished total solution provider of broadcasting systems, having supplied transmitters and studio equipment to customers in 103 countries worldwide over the past eight decades.
Demolition companies that level buildings with explosive charges--and so are called blasters--have been letting the team plant transmitters in the ill-fated structures and then monitor signals as the buildings go down.
Microprocessor based SMART pressure transmitters behave differently to a step change input than analog pressure transmitters.
Six southwestern arroyo toads were captured May 14 and fitted with dime-size radio transmitters weighing about two grams each, and 10 more toads will be fitted within the next several days.
com/research/fbb8f8/global_flow_sensor) has announced the addition of Frost & Sullivan's new report "Global Flow Sensors and Transmitters Market" to their offering.
The existing on-site Venusberg Bonn transmitter system, consisting of 2 operating transmitters and one reserve transmitter is to be renewed.
If scientists could map the turtles' high-seas trek with long-lasting transmitters, they might learn where the animals are most vulnerable, helping regulators design programs to protect them effectively Until now, the leatherbacks' unique shell has thwarted most long-term tagging efforts.
The wandering cetacean shed the second of her two satellite tracking transmitters in the waters off San Diego, leaving researchers at Sea World San Diego to rely on occasional sightings by sea and air, officials said Friday.
com), called The World Market for Pressure Transmitters, 2(nd) Edition, finds that the worldwide pressure transmitter market totaled $1.
Pressure transmitters are also available with CANopen and DeviceNet digital networking protocols.
This discovery, made by attaching satellite transmitters to leatherback turtles, may help scientists devise more effective strategies for preserving the dwindling populations of leatherbacks and other endangered turtles.
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