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the use of computers to translate from one language to another

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English-to-Chinese translation system translates new English sentences into
Also utilized were 400 ADN-W wireless delegate units for the portable conferencing systems, as well as 4000 Sennheiser HDE-2020 receivers and 21 SR-2020 transmitters for the translations systems -- representing the largest and second largest global deployments for the Sennheiser conference and translation systems respectively.
All methods and materials discussed in this paper were tested on a fully functional machine translation system based on Apertium.
10-Person Translation System / US: Assistive Listening System with Economy Transmitter - ideal for houses of worship, conference rooms, courtrooms, and auditoriums.
Since 1975, the Commission has used the Systran machine translation system developed by Peter Toma and the US firm World Translation Center Inc (WTC), which in 1986 became Systran Group.
Our article is organized as follows: first we introduce and discuss the translation system that was developed initially to support manufacturing.
Joining the likes of international opera houses, including New York's own Metropolitan Opera, Repertorio has installed the Figaro Simultext translation system so that English-speaking theatre-goers can reliably follow the company's Spanish-only productions.
coli-based transcription/ translation system is designed to maximize efficiency and yield.
NLA has published Urdu dictionaries, general books in Urdu language, launched Urdu software and introduced Machine Translation System.
lt;p>The translation system will be able to scale beyond two-way meetings, according to Cisco.
The new solution is said to offer instant translation of communications using plug-ins for Microsoft Office applications and chat; instant translation of web pages; integration of automated translation with translation memory in the SDL Trados translation productivity suite; integration of automated translation in SDL Translation Management System (SDL TMS), a translation management application; the ability to use automated translation integrated with human post-editing skills to provide a the high-quality translation service - SDL Knowledge-based Translation System (SDL KbTS) - as well as integration of automated translation with many business applications through documented APIs.
The new service will eliminate the language barrier as it will adopt an automatic translation system, the weather information provider said.
Last month, IBM announced the delivery of an advanced speech-to-speech translation system to U.
has recently announced the successful delivery of an advanced speech-to-speech translation system to U.
He was told to refrain from speaking Spanish unless the translation system failed to communicate the concept.
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