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Synonyms for transitiveness

the grammatical relation created by a transitive verb

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Ordinal Dominance, being dominated, transitiveness and equability
a-a-d) is generally dominating (b-b-c) and further on transitiveness plays fully.
Poetry here is a means of access to, and experimentation with, pre- and extra- individual association, 'a matter of conjoining the materiality of language with the transitiveness of the psyche'.
d-a-a) is generally dominating (o-b-b); (a-d-a) is generally dominating (b-o-b); (a-a-d) is generally dominating (b-b-o); and further transitiveness plays fully.
2 for reminders on partitions), and by adding a transitiveness condition--without the latter, such "disconnected" Hurwitz numbers would be given by Frobenius's formula.
For example, he produces in his introduction a structure in which 'Nonrationalism and Work' is opposed to 'Rationalism and Labour', and under these general headings are further opposed, inter alia, 'Homo faber' and 'Homo economicus', the realm of freedom and the realm of maximizing or the realm of necessity, idealism and materialism, moralism and pragmatism, form and reform, finality and conditionality, totality and variability, withdrawal and concession, intransitiveness and transitiveness, 'a priori' and 'a posteriori', and so on (p.