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  • verb

Synonyms for transgress



Synonyms for transgress

to refuse or fail to obey

to violate a moral or divine law

to fail to fulfill (a promise) or conform to (a regulation)

Synonyms for transgress

spread over land, especially along a subsiding shoreline

Related Words

pass beyond (limits or boundaries)

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2011), the current study examined a previously unexplored issue--the possibility that people could experience anger toward God in the context of their own personal moral transgressions.
He further questioned the deafening silence of the government on transgressions by both Pakistan and China, and said that it needs to answer these questions.
A new study shows that the details of a transgression are more susceptible to forgetting when that transgression has been forgiven.
NNA correspondent confirmed that following a series of contacts the road was reopened and the town's people given a grace period to remove their transgressions.
A LOCAL official on duty during the IPL matches at the Ferozeshah Kotla has been told to keep away from the stadium for transgression and another reprimanded.
Individuals could benefit from learning skills on how to manage transgressions that arise in relationships with friends, family members, roommates, or coworkers.
S, and the Oklahoma City bombings as forms of Christian transgressions.
Libyan Minister of the Interior Faouzi Abdelaal said in a telephone conversation with Interior Minister Habib Essid that his country is committed to deploy the police, the military and customs on the border with Tunisia to prevent transgressions in the future.
for their support to the Libyan people, emphasizing that these transgressions
AS TRANSGRESSIONS GO, yours is minor, but it is a transgression.
There are transgressions from time to time which occur when Chinese troops come over to our side of the LAC and occasionally we are told that we are crossing into their side.
Fines are in line with similar transgressions that have happened in the past, but these unnamed front office people are of the opinion that, in this regard, the Knicks' history of holding these secret workouts should have been dealt with more strongly instead of only resulting in a penalty that they feel amounts to nothing more than a slap on the wrist.
Late Paleozoic glacial events and postglacial transgressions in Gondwana.
As Rajaratnam and his traders committed insider trading they automatically began to view their transgressions in a less negative way.
Tiger Woods had his humiliating transgressions played for laughs on the television show Saturday Night Live, the world's greatest golfer and his wife Elin parodied in a spoof just before midnight.