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Synonyms for transsexual

a person who has undergone a sex change operation


a person whose sexual identification is entirely with the opposite sex

overwhelmingly desirous of being, or completely identifying with, the opposite sex

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Key words: gender identity, body, body image, transexualism.
The critical review of court cases shows how the debates have moved from early essentialist assumptions about gender to the 2004 Gender Recognition act which medicalizes transexualism and makes transsexual subjects choose one gender in accordance with the binary system.
Ross (1989) also suggested that the phenomenon of transexualism may be dissociative in nature.
If not the director's focus, then, ours will be to contemplate queer issues such as lesbianism, transexualism, and homophobia found in Tomboy.
Smith in Transexualism, Sex Reassignment Surgery and the Law, 56 CORNELL L.