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a medicated adhesive pad placed on the skin for absorption of a time released dose of medication into the bloodstream


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Key words: transdermal drug delivery, nano formulation, skin enhancer, Stratum corneum
This report deals with transdermal drug delivery - an approach used to deliver drugs through the skin for therapeutic use as an alternative to oral, intravascular, subcutaneous and transmucosal routes.
Emulsions and Microemulsions for Topical and Transdermal Drug Delivery
Watkinson, MBA, PhD, has worked in topical and transdermal drug delivery for twenty-three years and played key roles in the development of Axiron (transdermal testosterone) and Sancuso (transdermal granisetron) while at Acrux and ProStrakan, respectively.
The advantages of transdermal drug delivery for improving patient compliance, particularly for the treatment of chronic conditions, are well known.
To expand the limits of transdermal drug delivery, developers are employing microporation techniques and energy sources such as ultrasound, heat and electrical current to affect active transport through the skin.
Advances in synthetic materials and skin patch designs have led to transdermal drug delivery products that are more esthetically acceptable and that are capable of delivering sustained dosing of active compounds for several days in a smaller package.
In the past 10 years, there have been limits and some real difficulties in finding a good candidate from existing Western medicines to develop transdermal drug delivery systems.
report_id=39074) has announced the addition of Transdermal Drug Delivery -- Technologies, Markets, and Companies to their offering.
BioChemics is a pharmaceutical company that has developed a novel, transdermal drug delivery system that for the first time may allow almost any drug to be efficiently delivered through the skin.
Vyteris' proprietary active transdermal drug delivery (iontophoresis) technology delivers drugs comfortably through the skin using low-level electrical energy.