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Synonyms for transcendental

existing only in concept and not in reality

of, coming from, or relating to forces or beings that exist outside the natural world

Synonyms for transcendental

existing outside of or not in accordance with nature

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Man's wish to unite with God and, implicitly, to be saved is embedded, therefore, in the "genetic code", in man's transcendentality.
This preference of silence and transcendentality over loquacity could be explained by the influence of Buddhism in Korea.
No transcendence is involved here, but only transcendentality, in a sense resembling Kant's: the subject's perspective, together with her/his attitude toward the world as a totality arising from that perspective, constitutes a necessary condition for the world being a possible object of experience and linguistic representation.
He writes, "We therefore contend that five chapters narrating rasa episode reflect the transcendentality of the whole affair--no body is actually (or physically) enjoying passion anywhere, rather transcending it everywhere.
41) In regard to the former, Rahner developed his theorem of the "supernatural existential" as God's universal and antecedent offer of self-communication as a gift by which human transcendentality is supernaturally elevated, thus providing the possibility of experiencing "the God of absolute closeness and immediacy.
Heidegger, however, advances on Husserl's ideas, contrasting with this notion of transcendentality and marking the subject as a being-in-the-world.
For Pip, the oceanic is the beginning of the most intense isolation and loneliness, which no transcendentality can assuage, even at the moment that transcendence afflicts Pip's thoughts.
9) The difference, then, between the transcendentality of Jesus of Nazareth and that of all other human beings is simply that in Jesus there belongs to this basic spiritual condition a "direct presence to God which is an intrinsic subjective element of the hypostatic assumption of the human spiritual nature of Jesus by the Logos.
Thomas's metaphysics of esse that which he so admires in Heidegger's understanding of Being: the determining role played by difference interior to Being, which makes possible all at once both the unity of Being per se and the diversity that obtains within the transcendentality of that same unity.
If the color in the stained-glass construction rehearses all the chromatic options of color's archaic links to light and luminosity, to transparency and transcendentality, and to luminous or chromatic projections into space, then the painted complement, in its tightly organized accumulation of color squares in aleatory arrangements and multiple potential permutations, does exactly the opposite, emphasizing deep saturation and opacity, immaculate industrial perfection of production, and the perfect petrifaction of color as an element of a lifeless, denatured culture of administration and design.
Haney points out that by questioning consciousness, transcendentality and the metaphysics of presence, Derrida questions the ground of human nature as defined by the world's contemplative traditions.
has always designated the constant of a presence--eidos, arche, telos, energeia, ousia, aletheia, transcendentality, consciousness, or conscience, God, man, and so forth.
In the same way, Wordsworth seems to formulate the erotic as art loving nature, the empirical perception of the feminine the desire of masculinity's transcendentality of mind.