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Synonyms for transcendence

Synonyms for transcendence

a state of being or existence above and beyond the limits of material experience

the state of excelling or surpassing or going beyond usual limits

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Le nouveau protestantisme (liberal radical, historiciste, quasi-arien, qui contemplait la scission entre la grAce et une nature severement corrompue donc presque completement disloque du projet divin) et le deisme ravivent l'esprit de la transcendance negative, veterotestamentaire, et donnent a l'Homme une solution en opposition avec le cosmos.
As he states the critical dichotomy: "certains mettent l'accent sur l'unite structureelle du texte, sur sa coherence formelle; cette critique, assez 'optimiste quant au succes de l'ceuvre et de la transcendance qu'elle promet, insiste sur l'aspect harmonieux de la concordia discors et sur le statut du texte comme une sorte de via negativa.
as elsewhere, is what to make of transcendance if you do not believe in
Charnes suggests that Bloom succeeds because, as Anti-Theorist, he provides two naturalized axes: the vertical axis, which "gives us ascent, descent, transcendance, aspiration" and the horizontal axis, which "offers expansiveness .
This Freudian focus illuminates the troubling, rhapsodic power of their scenes together, which (the author posits) allowed the composer to translate blissful, unstable moments of god-into-man transcendance into music of sublimely sensuous if unfulfilled longing.
Both biotechnologies and information technologies are driven by similar kinds of ideologies that premise greater freedoms upon the control and transcendance of material constraints.
As such Mackenzie linked struggles for education to the campaign for the shorter working day, the transcendance of "superstition" and "bigotry" (including national hatred) amongst the working class, the reform of class-society (a society which Mackenzie describes as divided into "oppressed and oppressors"), and the overcoming of the "servile" character that such a society fostered.
He speculates on "l'immanence et la transcendance de Dieu" and cites such little-known theologians as Gregory of Nyssa.
Love's transcendance, its availability to people of all stations and ages, sounds the main themes here.
In this perspective, transcendance is given by Hegel's notion of mind as the totality that is materially manifest in its products, even while this very notion cannot be posited in the absence of an antithesis between mind and matter.
Ecouter El Ferda, du nom d'un genre musical en vogue dans la petite ville situee a une vingtaine de km de Bechar clamer sa soif d'absolu, de transcendance est surtout un baume au coeur et a l'esprit.
Mais loin de vouloir s'approprier la cabbale ou les grands textes et experiences de l'esoterisme, LF se fabrique une vision sur le transcendant qui mele les enseignements tires des <<lecons>> de son pere sur l'unicite du peuple roumain avec les ecrits sur la transcendance de Culianu, tels les Experiences de l'extase (10), mais aussi avec les theories de la conspiration, telle la theorie de Maurice Pinay.