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gymnastic apparatus consisting of a strong canvas sheet attached with springs to a metal frame

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RedKangaroo's trampolining park promises a range of activities
He trains with The Liverpool Trampolining & Gymnastics Academy five times a week - he is a very dedicated young athlete.
It's a fact, trampolining is far better for you than running; a 10-minute indoor bounce can be as effective as a 30-minute run.
Though an untraditional form of weight-loss routine, trampolining is 33 per cent more efficient than jogging, Gary Knill, founder and managing partner of Jump Box, told Gulf News.
We are talking about trampolining - also known as rebounding - the latest fitness regimen that has caught the fancy of UAE health freaks.
As well as the trampolining facilities, people will be able to learn freerunning through bespoke courses designed by Sebastien Foucan, the founder of freerunning and a pioneer of parkour.
But the couple are in a packed market, with rival centres springing up across Britain after the trampolining for fitness concept leapt across the Atlantic.
AMY Teece, a trampolining coach from Stockton, is celebrating after receiving a pounds 500 donation from the MARS Refuel Drink Fund.
TWO sisters have become the North West champions in Trampolining.
Hundreds are being seriously injured in trampolining accidents every year.
Springfree Trampoline shares our love of the sport and offers families a way to experience the fun of trampolining at home while staying safe.
She said: "I'm honoured to have been chosen for this award and to receive national recognition for the work we do in our two clubs - Rebounders and Twisters South Wales - to ensure that trampolining is an inclusive sport that can be accessed by anyone regardless of age or ability.
After all, he is an elite level competitor in the unforgiving sport of trampolining - and in 2009 suffered an horrific leg break after which he was warned he may lose his leg.
Davies said trampolining is also an effective exercise.
The Huddersfield Sports Centre is relocating to a new built facility in Springwood which will not provide trampolining facilities.