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a commercial steamer for hire


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17] develop a recursive smoothing algorithm (RSA) for speed optimization and present a multistart local search heuristic for the tramp ship routing and scheduling problem with speed optimization.
Other than the various ferries, etc, I have not seen an old tramp ship for years.
All went well until August 1952 when, after 11 voyages without a blemish, I refused to sign articles on a tramp ship in Mount Stuart dry docks, much to the annoyance of the Cardiff Federation officer.
54) NA, CAB 27/557, BMM(33)14, Questionnaire to Tramp Ship Owners: Summary of Answers Received, 24 March 1934, and BMM(33)20, Memorandum by the President of the Board of Trade, 4 May 1934.
Jack served as an engineer on tramp ships, colliers and deep sea salvage tugs
Cardiff became a worldwide name for coal and tramp ships, all stamped with the name "Cardiff " on the backside or stern.
In general, bulk goods are subject to tramp shipping, and general goods are subject to line shipping; however, the two forms should not be viewed rigidly, as there may be situations in which certain line ships load bulk goods or certain tramp ships load general merchandise.
He and Pat Taaffe came to the last well clear, but when they landed they just accelerated away, leaving the others struggling like tramp ships in their wake.
I first started when I was 21 and went on to work on a variety of vessels over the years, including deep sea salvage tugs, colliers and tramp ships.