tramp steamer

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a commercial steamer for hire


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Furst's own turf is the no-questions Paris hotel, the tabac, the night train across the border, the tramp freighter under a moonless sky.
The department is worried about asymmetric threats, for example, terrorists with a missile or two on a tramp freighter off our shores," Terry Little, executive director of the Missile Defense Agency, told an Institute for Defense and Government Advancement conference in Washington, D.
These writers, united by a common genre and writing principally about African American characters, draw upon diverse settings and eras, from the mean streets of today's big American cities to a rural highway in Georgia, a tramp freighter on Lake Michigan, a small coastal village in 1928, and a passenger train in 1946.
For many of those who crewed the tramp freighters, it also meant "steaming to I-don't-know and don't-care-where.
When he returned to the sea, it wasn't to tramp freighters rolling down to Rio, but to sailboats that combined his passion for the sea with his love of the wind and sky.