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Synonyms for tragedy

Synonyms for tragedy

an occurrence inflicting widespread destruction and distress

Synonyms for tragedy

drama in which the protagonist is overcome by some superior force or circumstance

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Benjamin does not refer to Molitor in his essays, and Baader only appears briefly in The Origin of German Tragic Drama.
Exploring issues of catharsis and generic expectation in tragic drama as well, but with a central focus on genre and gender, Tanya Pollard's "Conceiving tragedy" opens with attention to the gendering of expressivity and theatrical impact in a Hamlet "unpregnant" of his cause.
People need to want to read your newspaper, not shake their heads, skipping over all the tragic drama.
More specifically, he considers such topics as the notion of weak messianic power in On the Concept of History; redemption and rejuvenation of the past; Franz Kafka, the unknowability of the divine, and the decline of experience; The Origin of German Tragic Drama and the empty world of the baroque; and his iconography.
The Bear is a tragic drama about a war veteran who is struggling with the reality of life after returning from the Iraq-Iran war in the 80s.
In these instances, a reading of Lukacs against, or in concert with, the dramatist's portraits of selfhood (Halvard Solness and Arnold Rubek), his modernist associations with a heritage of tragic drama, and a related application of Lukacs's conception of "real life," provide a multidimensional standpoint on Ibsen's art in his final years.
A tragic drama comprising three interweaving monologues, written by Tim Price.
55pm Melissa Leo gives a remarkable performance in this suspenseful, tragic drama as a struggling single mother trying to make ends meet by smuggling illegal immigrants across a frozen river into America.
Streete proposes to examine the English soteriological anxieties and self-questionings that arose from this spiritual difficulty as they were manifested in the tragic drama of the period.
In part 1, the author provides, consequently, chapters on archaic "media of memory" such as epinician (victory poems) and lyric verse (Pindar and Simonides), tragic drama (Aeschylus' Persians), and epideictic and deliberative oratory (here Lysias' funeral oration and Andocides' On Peace).
Today, after two decades of being an independent country, the final act of a tragic drama of the Macedonian transition is being performed.
Finally, Ranke analyzes Lessing's Philotas, a text which responds to the tradition of heroic German tragic drama in radically innovative ways.
1) See, for instance, Cox's In the Shadows of Romance: Romantic Tragic Drama in Germany, England, and France (Athens: Ohio UP, 1987); and Seven Gothic Dramas 1789-1825 (Athens: Ohio UP, 1992).
The tragic drama unfolded in the city of Mendoza, about 620 miles west of Buenos Aires, reports The Telegraph.
Books the stars have given a boost The Star of the Sea by Joseph O'Connor This tragic drama set during the Irish potato famine had only sold 14,000 copies in paperback by the time Richard & Judy recommended it in 2004.