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a naval battle in 1805 off the southwest coast of Spain

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The driver of the taxi knew only that three times during the course of his drive he had been caught in a block and had had to wait for a few seconds--once at the entrance to Trafalgar Square, again at the junction of Haymarket and Pall Mall, and, for a third time, opposite the Hyde Park Hotel.
He followed her obediently into the shop at the top of Trafalgar Square.
You are the grandson of Admiral Sir Wingrave Seton who commanded a frigate at Trafalgar, and an ancestor of yours fought in the Armada.
His spirits rose with every step, and when he reached Trafalgar Square, blazing in the sun, with its fountains playing and its column reaching up into the bright air, he signaled to a hansom, and, before he knew what he was about, told the driver to go to Bedford Square by way of the British Museum.
He professed a great liking to the English, but stoutly maintained that the battle of Trafalgar was merely won by the Spanish captains having been all bought over; and that the only really gallant action on either side was performed by the Spanish admiral.
Whither, however, is the light four-inside Trafalgar coach carrying us?
THE famous statue commemorating Britain's greatest naval hero, Vice Admiral Lord Nelson, is to be given a pounds 380,000 facelift to coincide with the 200th anniversary marking the Battle of Trafalgar, the London Assembly announced yesterday.
A MAP depicting the route of the Royal Navy officer who delivered news of Britain's victory at the Battle of Trafalgar has been published.
Bank Holidays could soon be renamed as Diana Day, Trafalgar Day or Red Cross day.
Queensmead Associates, a partnership comprised of Trafalgar House Real Estate and Competrol Real Estate Limited, has assembled 127 acres, formerly known as the Heyman Estate, the Simmonds Property and the Greco property along King Street, Route 120, as a prestigious office park.
This change coincides with the recently announced merger on October 7, 2004 with Trafalgar Ventures, Inc.
The Trafalgar Hotel greets Kameel Nankan as head chef, fresh from his position as senior sous chef at Hilton London Gatwick Airport.
NELSON'S great victory at Trafalgar will be marked on Sunday with a ceremony and parade through Birmingham.
com was introduced to Trafalgar when one of their senior editors set off on a trip last November to France and Italy.
The commemoration of the Battle of Trafalgar is a long-standing naval tradition whereby officers celebrate with Trafalgar Night on October 21 and senior ratings with Pickle Night the day before.