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The traditional British pub is under attack as never before, and the consequences are rather grave for the civilised world.
MOBILE PHONE or not The most popular EDM, celebrating the traditional British pub, has been signed by 273 of the 650 MPs.
The Hub's menu is inspired by traditional British pub fare, while the bar features several cask ales.
This place is about as close to a traditional British pub as you can get in Dubai, and one of the oldest pubs in the city.
The First Family have thus far visited the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, the Harry Potter film set, and a traditional British pub, where they enjoyed fish and chips.
Madeleine Brindley was tasting Traditional British pub grub
The new pattern is being seen as a nail in the coffin for the male-dominated, traditional British pub.
THE PUMP HOUSE This is a cosy traditional British pub that was originally a pumphouse for the Albert Dock.
It needs to be a traditional British pub - the place to go for drinks with your family and kids, and even the dog.
We have a modern and contemporary look but have maintained the best elements of a great traditional British pub - exceptional service, a relaxing atmosphere and an excellent food and drink offer.
We're seeing the death of the traditional British pub.
Fluid design director David King said: "Rosie's Bar has always been a favourite with the football crowd on match days and regulars living around the Blackfriars area, but interestingly, it has recently found its way into the list of 'must see' places for tourists visiting the city - particularly those from Scandinavia - in their quest for a traditional British pub.
Co-owner Dave Parry previously ran the Augustus John on the Liverpool University campus decided to open the Bier Keller, rather than a traditional British pub, after travelling widely in Germany and thinking there was a gap in the market for their style of cellar bar here in Liverpool.
A traditional British pub is something to be admired but so many are being forced out of business.
We want a return of the traditional British pub," she ranted.
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