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commercial, industrial, or professional activity in general

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and European capacity for trade leadership is the only factor that could, in the foreseeable future, realistically become more favorable to prospects for Doha and, eventually, another large trading round.
Many Middle Eastern trading partners are in close and active consultations with us through the TIFA process, and have a strong interest in concluding an FTA with us, including the United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, and Egypt.
The SEC charged Stewart with insider trading because her broker told her the Waksals were selling, and the Department of Justice indicted her because she denied any culpability for insider trading.
Select a high quality corporate trading company--A company with a known track record; a list of satisfied customers; and a track record for repetitive transactions with major corporations.
To decide whether insider trading has taken place, the courts and the SEC apply three sets of rules: traditional, misappropriation and tender-offer rules (see "Insider Trading Risk in Practice" page 50).
Interest (and other expenses) must be allocated as appropriate between investing and trading if T engaged in both activities.
That is, if the entire Arab world were a trading bloc and Israel another, Egypt chose to trade more with the Israelis than with the Arabs for most of the 1980s.
Her experience illustrates the thrills of day trading, the despair that sometimes occurs and the personal and professional lessons to be learned along the way.
This acquisition also diversifies State Street's trading customer base beyond traditional asset managers to include more active currency managers and hedge funds," said Joseph L.
EITF 93-11 documents and sets forth the consensus reached by the task force that APB 29 applies to corporate trading or barter transactions.
He includes in this category actions brought under Section 301 of the 1974 Trade Law, which allows the United States to respond to the "unfair" trading practices of other nations by raising barriers against their products.
The unit labor costs and compensation in many of our major trading partners, including Japan and Germany, are greater that those in the United States.
com/reports/c47965) has announced the addition of Datamonitor's new report: US Algorithmic Trading Spend to their offering.