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Anyone who believes in a workplace of partnership and co-operation will oppose this Trade Union Bill.
The Bill will curb the ability of trade unions to take industrial action by forcing a longer notice period before any action and by increasing the thresholds for a successful ballot and restricting the right to ballot.
COUNCILLORS have shown solidarity with trade union members.
But criticising the Government's Trade Union Bill, Mrs Hodgson said: "Nissan's constructive unionised workforce has helped achieve this fantastic outcome.
THE strikes by London Underground employees have brought into sharp relief the significance of trade union laws and activity, as the second occurrence of strike action of this kind within the past month brought widespread disruption to the capital.
Speakers will include Greek and Turkish Cypriot trade union reps.
About the agreement, the Chairman of GFOTU said, " Due to the short experience of GFOTU in the Sultanate, the implementation of this project will contribute to building the trade union leadership capabilities, enhance the integration of women in trade union work and training a number of members of trade unionists to become trainers in the future as it will contribute to the development of trade union work.
What we currently have in Bahrain are trade unions operating in individual establishments, which could be called establishment trade unions," said GFBTU spokesman Karim Radhi.
The five-day nationwide protest has received support from five major trade unions of Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS), Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC), All India Trade Union Congress (AITUC), Confederation of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) and Hind Mazdoor Sangh.
Ramadan added that the formation of independent trade unions does not require the approval of Ministry of Manpower according to the law.
Last week the participants in the National Forum of Trade Unions of Ukraine demanded the government should prevent job cuts, the shutdown of state enterprises due to energy restrictions, and the rise of consumer prices and tariffs amid the drop in real income of the population.
It is important for existing and new trade unions both in the West, and in the former socialist bloc countries of the East, to know what the attitudes of employees towards the trade union movement are, and whether there are any possibilities for increasing union membership.
Kuwaiti and Arab trade union members called for reactivating the role of Arab official bodies and trade unions in addressing the challenges of the global financial meltdown.
This article is a condensed version of a speech she gave n 1984 in which she talks about the history of women's struggles in trade unions in Quebec and adds some highlights of her activist years (SM).
Trade unions have played a critical role in the promotion of birth control, abortion, and--as can be verified below--in so-called same-sex marriage.
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