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a worker who belongs to a trade union

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But the Tory hopes to woo trade unionists who don't feel represented by "militant" union leaders.
A spokesman for the UCU said: "Prof Piercy's personal insults about trade unionists seem primarily designed to court controversy and attract publicity.
A statement on the Teesside Anarchist Network's Facebook page last night read: "Trustees of Cleveland Trade Unionists and Unemployed Workers Resource Centre have agreed to our demand to meet with us within seven days to discuss renovation of the centre as a viable project.
Labour, by contrast, offers an end to the pernicious practice of "blacklisting" trade unionists and a crackdown on the abuses of zero hours contracts.
Prospective Parliamentary candidates, including Tony Mulhearn (Riverside), front-| |centre, and Phil Simpson, Simon Worthington, Giorgo Moulas, Craig Pearson, Dave Jones and Frank Brown, attended the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition
COULD I use your columns to thank all those 2592 people across Coventry who voted last ursday for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC), and especially the 974 people who were good enough to support me personally in St Michael's.
A penniless orphan, he moved to Scotland as a teenager and became a pioneering trade unionist defending the rights of miners around the UK.
The vast majority of working people are no longer union members; and trade unionists don't all vote Labour.
As trade unionists and academics we express our sympathy to the parents of Kevin Gately and to his friends at Warwick University.
Prime Minister Bainimarama said that the efforts by Trade Unionists in Fiji to pursue their campaign against the Bainimarama government in convincing the American government to punish Fiji by removing the duty free access that certain Fijian exports have enjoyed four decades, will certainly threaten the jobs of 15,000 Fijian workers in 39 companies that export their services to the United States.
And in Guatemala yet again trade unionists paid a heavy price, with 10 assassinations committed with impunity.
Around 100 trade unionists, many carrying banners, gathered near the site of the long-defunct Saltley Coke Works to commemorate the events of February 10 1972.
In the first phase, the Ministry will ensure that mega companies reinstate their dismissed staff according to the standards recommended by the government, and without any unjust conditions such as the signing of new contracts or warnings, while in the second, Insurance Against Un-employment allowances will be paid retro-actively to all those dismissed, including trade unionists, he added.
TABARKA (TAP) - Addressing on Sunday afternoon the opening session of the four-day 22 congress of Tunisia's General Labour Union (UGTT) held in Tabarka, outgoing Secretary General Abdessalem Jrad said that trade unionists are expected to interact with the action of the transitional government to speed up the drafting of a democratic constitution and implement a programme that secures jobs for the unemployed people and especially young graduates.
Talks have been productive and tomorrow trade unionists are meeting PM Boyko Borisov," said MP Fidosova Tuesday.
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