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a compliment that I heard about you that I offer to trade for a compliment you have heard about me

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The 25-year-old Bochenski, who came to Boston in a trade last season and made an instant impact on the offense, has just six assists and no goals in 20 games for the Bruins this season.
The water company was blamed by many in Hexham, Northumberland, for losses in their trade last year as it worked to upgrade 47 kilometres of water mains in the centre of the town.
With the sale of Hille and its designs to a succession of companies the word out in the trade last year was that the Supporto was never to be made again.
Roenick's loss would be a huge blow to the Kings, who acquired him from Philadelphia via trade last month and are paying him a team-high $4.
will trade last day before ex dividend on the Oslo Stock Exchange today Wednesday June 2.
From a technical perspective, the equity has put on an explosive performance since he initiated the trade last Tuesday.
CAR tycoon Sir Arnold Clark celebrated 50 years in the trade last night with another top gong.
So Shaq demanded a trade last offseason and got it.
The CAFC affirmed the decision of the Court of International Trade last March classifying the Nissan Pathfinder as a passenger car, not a truck.
NYSE:SBC) announced today that it sold approximately 9 million shares of BCE (Bell Canada Enterprises) in a block trade last night.
In its latest issue the Economist commenting on the decision of the two neighbours said the current bilateral trade last year was $2.
The Macedonian stock market's trade last week declined by nearly 70 percent.
New closer Guillermo Mota, the former Dodgers setup man who went to Florida in the Paul Lo Duca trade last July 30, also will pitch.
A 32-year old City dealer has cost his employer about pounds 20,000 in fines after he botched a massive computer trade last May, wiping pounds 30billion off the stock market.