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a magazine published for and read by members of a particular trade group

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And only through these valuable relationships have I been able to produce such a well- respected trade journal.
As publisher of the trade journal Infants' Department, George Earnshaw played a pivotal role in pressing retailers to devote floor space and specially trained salesclerks to children's departments.
Foundry Trade Journal was renowned for its international coverage, while Foundryman's main strength was the UK industry.
The biggest losers in the segment were newspaper publishers, trade journal publishers, newswires, and news services.
Published 10 times a year, Foundry Trade Journal embraces every sector of the industry and each issue is packed with technical features; news; country profiles; and previews of the major international industry exhibitions and conferences.
Many years ago, Tea & Coffee Trade Journal covered the globe, both editorially and through its circulation.
Yet six years later, this trade journal expressed a decided panic about corsetlessness.
The Nation's Restaurant News, a trade journal, reports that this is McDonald's first investment in a non-internally developed restaurant concept.
Winning baristi will also each have a personal profile printed in Tea & Coffee Trade Journal.
Even as the Cyrix M2 was entering the market, the trade journal PC Magazine was completing tests on another major threat to Pentium, a competing chip from Advanced Micro Devices called the AMD K6 that virtually matched Intel's hottest 233 Mhz Pentium at roughly half the cost.
The advertising trade journal Mediaweek reports that only 6.
Sam was well-known to members of the coffee industry prior to joining the Tea & Coffee Trade Journal in 1960.
Contract notice: Transportation contract for the supply of kef institutions covered by newspapers, magazines, trade journals and providing transportation related services.
The first two issues included articles on: emerging issues related to PERM; in-job experience; professional and trade journals under PERM; first PERM BALCA decisions; Federal Court litigation; anomalies in PERM regulations; filing duplicate applications; labor certification through PERM; related ethical issues; job fairs; PERM backlog processing; and, training and employment guidance.
Gain a better understanding of your market by reading industry magazines and trade journals.