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any of numerous long-tailed American finches

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Medium cracked corn will attract pheasants, quail, doves, crows, jays, sparrows, juncos and towhees.
Pairs of California towhees (Melozone crissalis) jointly defend territories on which they forage, copulate, and nest (Childs, 1968; Benedict, 2010; L.
English ivy, for example, hides the leaf litter that robins and towhees dig through for insects.
Mount Pisgah Arboretum: Davey Wendt leads a journey through the arboretum, looking for chickadees, juvenile towhees and sparrows.
Peanuts: chickadees, creepers, crows, finches, jays, juncos, magpies, nuthatches, siskins, titmice, towhees, woodpeckers, wrens
Also include trees and shrubs that will provide leaf litter, where birds such as brown thrashers, towhees and white-throated sparrows can scratch for insects that hide among the dried leaves in late spring.
brunneus have been collected on birds of many species, but commonly reported hosts include blackbirds, jays, robins, sparrows, thrashers, thrushes, towhees, waxwings, and wrens (Bishopp and Trembley 1945, Cooley and Kohls 1945).
And Lauryn Benedict of the University of California, Berkeley is studying a duet of California towhees where male and females produce simultaneous, near-identical, squeal-like vocalizations that are used only in duets and never alone.
surrounded by trees and shrubs, though still used by robins, towhees, juncos, sparrows, and small children, are rarely used by crows.
Observant visitors might see hummingbirds, acorn woodpeckers, gray-breasted jays, spotted towhees, painted redstarts, white-winged doves, and Montezuma quails at Coronado National Memorial.
Ground-nesting Black-and-white Warblers (Mniotilta varia), Ovenbirds (Seiurus aurocappilus) and Eastern Towhees (Pipilo erythrophthalmus) were more abundant in the unburned site.
North America's eastern towhees, brown thrashers, yellow-breasted chats, and other thicket songbirds require shrubby growth that springs up after a field is idled.
A corner devoted to raspberries, blueberries and blackberries brings in wrens, blue jays and towhees, and also attracts Maya and Delia for daily pilgrimages.
I think it is envy: the towhees really do want in, they want to forsake the friendly s kies, give up on the fabled outdoor life.
And although I had cardinals and towhees and thrashers and mockingbirds and doves and woodpeckers, they did, too; as a matter of fact their cardinals were nesting in a place where they could actually see them, right near the front door, and that was getting to be quite the nuisance.