Tower of Babel

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(Genesis 11:1-11) a tower built by Noah's descendants (probably in Babylon) who intended it to reach up to heaven

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The story of the Tower of Babel offers an explanation for how the world moved from one common language to a multiplicity of languages.
Summary: Voices coming from inside, around and above Syria take us back millennia to the years of the tower of Babel.
An incident famously known as the episode of the tower of Babel.
Of particular interest to JBQ readers are the sections regarding the language that Adam spoke and how did he learn it, the language spoken prior to the Tower of Babel, the language spoken by the Israelites while in Egypt, the development of Hebrew script and possible Egyptian influences on Biblical names.
Another work is a painting depicting the Tower of Babel, which is based on the famous mythical story told in the Old Testament.
Such a move might well result in the abolition or at least a diminution of that inane and at times offensive Tower of Babel known as social media.
This paper discusses the similarities between the Bible record of the Tower of Babel and the resulting confusion of languages and how it relates to modern times and the trend we see of English as an International Language (EIL).
Tower of Babel is the best and most relevant comparison one could give to the prevailing situation in the opposition political camp today in Sri Lanka.
Washington, Nov 29 ( ANI ): Whether the Great Pyramid of Giza or the Tower of Babel, humankind has always been reaching for the sky.
The idea of a universal human language goes back at least to the Bible, in which humanity spoke a common tongue, but were punished with mutual unintelligibility after trying to build the Tower of Babel all the way to heaven.
He writes of a 'colossal administrative and organisational task' which threatened to become 'an amalgamation of the Tower of Babel and the Eurovision Song Contest', but was driven by the idea that poetry as much as sport can bring nations together and, in addition, provide a forum for exchanges of cultures and ideas.
Match that with Nuance's Dragon services and voila--the Tower of Babel babbles no more.
One of your councillors, Steve Kay, is right when he names it the Tower of Babel (Your say, 27.
The range of phenomena physics has explained is more than impressive; it underlies the whole of modern civilization, Nevertheless, as a physicist travels along his (in this case) career, the hairline cracks in the edifice become more apparent, as do the dirt swept under the rug, the fudges and the wholesale swindles, with the disconcerting result that the totality occasionally appears more like Bruegel's Tower of Babel as dreamt by a modern slumlord, a ramshackle structure of compartmentalized models soldered together into a skewed heap of explanations as the whole jury-rigged monstrosity tumbles skyward.