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It was planned that the Tovarishch would undergo pounds 500,000 repairs at A&P Appledore's Yard at Wallsend courtesy of the Northumbria Coalition Against Crime which launched the MAST, (Mayday Appeal to Save Tovarishch) appeal.
Newcastle Copthorne Hotel chef Abdel-hamid Afia went on board the Tovarishch to cook a traditional broth, poached chicken and a delicious beef stroganoff.
A German charity offered to renovate her and the government development agency English Partnerships helped fund work to get the Tovarishch fit enough to limp back to Germany.
The Soviet Union raised and refitted the ship re-naming her Tovarishch, which means 'comrade' in Russian.
The Ukraine was struggling both economically and politically, so the Tovarishch languished on the Tyne for two years unable to sail home.
The Teesside Development Corporation (TDC) had its eye on the Tovarishch as a centrepiece for the Tall Ships centre it was planning for a revitalised Middlesbrough Dock area.
This meant that the Tovarishch would have to be towed from the Tyne to the Tees, a short journey for which she was deemed to be seaworthy.
On May 7, 1997, the Tovarishch arrived majestically into the waters of the Tees, towed by the tugboat Phoenix Cross.
The Millennium Commission who were to fund the project, eventually pulled out of the deal leaving the TDC's plans and the Tovarishch high and dry.
But it meant that the Tovarishch would be leaving Teesside.
On November 29, 2003, the Tovarishch was officially renamed, Gorch Fock.
So that was the story of the Tovarishch and its stay on Teesside.
The Nautical Gifts Division won its largest ever corporate gift export order last December when 250 quality tall ship models were requested by a large shipping company and, from a wide selection of ships, they choose the fully rigged three masted barques Gorch Fock and Tovarishch.