totalitarian state

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a government that subordinates the individual to the state and strictly controls all aspects of life by coercive measures

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Mysterious, oblique, and oddly compelling, A Girl in Exile is a striking exploration of love, art, paranoia, and the limits of freedom in a totalitarian state.
conjugated social issues raised by developments in society and the failure of the old ideal human rights and freedoms, has tended toward maximal liberal state, the welfare state, which cannot be put on the same level with the totalitarian state.
Winner of the 2004 Olivier Award for Best Play and Tony-Nominated in 2005 for Best Play, The Pillowman is about a writer in an unidentified totalitarian state being interrogated about his gruesome and macabre short stories that has inspired a series of child murders.
In a totalitarian state, would-be tyrants are simply executed unless they get to the military first or start a civil war.
This is the work of a totalitarian state with no parallel anywhere elsewhere in the world today.
It kills more than 100,000 people but paves the way for the Norsefire party to win the next election and turn the country into a totalitarian state under the prime minister's iron-fist rule.
Volume one is dedicated to personal experiences and includes parts devoted to totalitarian indoctrination, survival in the totalitarian state, prisoners of the state and other subjects.
The totalitarian state, ruled by tyrant Kim Jong-Un, will turn the clocks back by switching to a new time zone to mark the 70th anniversary of its liberation from Japan as World War II ended.
The Great Charter is not just about the Magna Carta and the conflict between King John and the Barons, there is a parallel futuristic story told in alternate scenes about a totalitarian state run by The Protector.
The totalitarian state," she wrote in Eichmann in Jerusalem, "tried to establish holes of oblivion into which all deeds, good and evil, would disappear.
If we don't fight for that future generations will be left on a slippery slope towards a possible totalitarian state.
Diplomats bought the rights to show the BBC One detective drama in North Korea to "encourage change" in the totalitarian state run by supreme leader Kim Jong-Un.
Iran is not a totalitarian state but it is a repressive one, with an extremist regime and a history of nuclear duplicity.
Republique' is an episodic stealth game in which the player must guide a young girl named Hope to freedom after she is earmarked for destruction by a shadowy, totalitarian state.
On the one hand, the Music Information Centre (the publisher of Czech Music Quarterly), an institution controlled for many years by a totalitarian state to promote "approved music"; on the other, a visual artist, performer and musician who at the time when this institution was founded (and for a long time afterwards) was difficult to accept, even for fellow artists who cannot be suspected of being loyal to the communist regime, and who was a true enemy of the regime itself.