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the dialect of Albanian spoken in southern Albania and in areas of Greece and Italy


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First, Albanians are divided into two main groups: the Ghegs, living in the North (where a third of the population lives) and the Tosks, living in the South.
CONTACTS: For more information, please contact Nadine Tosk at 847.
If you would like to schedule an interview with any of the AAD presenters, a local San Francisco FLT expert and patients, please contact Nadine Tosk at 504.
Sudetens and East Prussians shuttling between Berlin and the DP camps in Mecklenburg, Czechs and Slovaks, Croats and Serbs, Tosks and Ghegs, Macedonians, Magyars, Vlachs, Circassians, Spaniols, Bulgars stirred and streaming over the surface of the Imperial cauldron .
It had a largely homogeneous ethnic population, consisting of Ghegs in the north and Tosks in the south.
Today's Albanians are divided into two groups--the Gegs to the north of the Shkumbin River and the Tosks to the south.
Albanians comprised two ethnic sub-groups, Ghegs in the north and Tosks in the south, yet this division was generally less significant than the effects of a relentless succession of high mountain ranges which split the land into isolated valley communities, self-sufficient and often hostile to their neighbours.