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a region in central Italy

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We have presented outstanding luxury homes in Toscana Palm Coast since winning our first award for the community in 2008," says Yuval Botansky, President of ABD Development Company.
At Trattoria Toscana he will be revamping a selection of existing dishes, as well as introducing his own creations.
The arrival of our LNG cargo at FSRU Toscana represents another positive development in RasGas' global operations.
In celebration of the restaurant opening, anyone who dines at Trattoria Toscana will be given the chance to win a trip to Tuscany in Italy
The move is part of a broader plan aimed at the acquisition of Toscana Finanza Group, Banca IFIS added.
Toscana Finanza specialises in the acquisition and management of non-recourse loans hard assets.
Esto habria dado origen a la reflexion mexicanista de las novelas de Toscana, en las que Lo Falso de Nuestra Historia da pie a un esfuerzo por reescribirla, ahora bajo una luz heroica que no escapa a lo lamentable y lo parodico; asi sucede en la irregular El ejercito iluminado (2006), en la que un profesor de historia "invade" Estados Unidos para vengar la perdida de Texas.
Another popular choice is the Caesar salad where, again, Toscana impresses with the choice of iceberg lettuce as opposed to leafy lettuce.
We used 10 [micro]L RNA suspension for reverse transcription PCR, with primers targeting either a consensus sequence for the phlebovirus polymerase gene (L RNA segment) or Toscana virus (8) and the nucleoprotein (N) gene (S RNA segment) specifically (9).
Toscana virus is a ribonucleic acid envelope virus from the family Bunyaviridae and genus Phlebovirus.
Tuscan dishes can be found at Ristorante Massimo and Enoteca Drago in Beverly Hills, Drago Ristorante in Santa Monica and Toscana in Brentwood.
The project is known as Post Toscana and was developed by The Clarett group in a joint venture with Post Properties.
El titulo es amable, respetuoso: se refiere a que varios narradores del norte del pais estan haciendo cosas envidiables: Eduardo Antonio Parra, Luis Humberto Crosthwaite, Elmer Mendoza, Cesar Ibarra, Juan Jose Rodriguez (los tres mencionados al ultimo son sinaloenses) y, por supuesto, David Toscana.
By the 1990s, however, Amodio's increasingly eclectic choreography predominated, at the expense of audience interest and dancer involvement; and Balletto di Toscana had taken the lead in encouraging choreographers--Bigonzetti among them--and changing the direction of Italian dance.